Veal and Shallots in Red Wine; Valentine’s Day…. Hmmm…

Veal and Shallots in Red WineVeal_red_wine

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day.

I told that story last year….

We try not to remember that fateful night, those many years ago…

Although, in discussing  colors for the kitchen the other day, mon mari remembered that I had painted his kitchen blaze orange and canary yellow in retaliation (he was away for a week, I was house-sitting).  As he doesn't usually remember things like colors, it must have made an impression.

Back to the present: We are not in a particularly romantic 'place' right now.Kitchen%2Bof%2BLove%2BLogo[1]

We're spending most of our time trying to keep one house warm enough to work in during the day, and another warm enough to eat and sleep in during the night.

And then there's the fact that Mon mari has now locked himself in the bathroom 4 times…

That really has nothing whatsoever to do with romance or Valentine's Day… I just had to tell….

Will the door knob be on soon?  Should I start a betting pool?

Back to Valentine's Day….

I'm actually rather glad we ignore it.  I think the hype and expectations leading up to this one day can generate a lot of unnecessary stress and disappointment.

Don't misunderstand: I don't think romance should be ignored.

I do think it should be a part of your life, everyday, not just one day.

Romance doesn't need big gestures, although they are nice occasionally (hint, hint).

Making daily life just a tad more pleasant for your 'other' can be most romantic.

The best part of our day, is and always has been, dinner.

We always eat at the table.

Mon mari always lights candles, dims the lights and puts on soft music.

On weekends, when I make a proper dinner, with a first course and two wines, he sets the table: choosing the dishes, cutting flowers, arranging the candles, while I cook.

I'd like to say that we always enjoy intimate conversations and declarations of undying love – but, hey, we've been married 30 years!  Sometimes, we talk; sometimes we just and stare into space, absorbed in our own thoughts, but doing it together.


Is it romance?

Or an old routine?

Maybe a little of both…

Routine is doing something the same way, day after day.

Romance is doing it with someone you love….  And making it just a tad more pleasant….

And, it almost always involves food….

If you're fixing a romantic dinner for that special someone, on Valentine's day or any day, make something easy, so you have time to spend together, make it memorable…

And make it with a 'Food of Love' – wine.

For more 'Foods of Love' and ideas for Valentine's Day celebrations, visit Mele Cotte, who is organizing the Kitchen of Love and will have lots of recipes on Feb. 12th!

Veal in Red Wine

Veal in Red Winefor two
  This has the flavors of Boeuf Bourguignon, but the veal gets melt-in-the-mouth tender in  much less time.

16oz (500gr) veal
3 large shallots
2 cloves garlic
1 tbs olive oil
1 bouquet garni
2 bay leaves
2 cups good red wine
1 tbs cornstarch (corn flour) dissolved in 2 tbs water
1 1/4 cups small pasta

Cut veal into pieces, about 1" cubes, (2.5cm).  Peel shallots and cut in half the long way.  Mince garlic.  Heat oil in heavy saucepan.  Add shallots and garlic, and sauté 2 minute.  Add veal and quickly brown, another 5 minutes.  Add red wine, herbs, cover and simmer for an hour. (more or less).
Cook pasta according to package directions.
To finish:  Thicken sauce with the dissolved cornstarch.  Drain pasta and put into a serving bowl.  Spoon veal and shallots over and serve.

Don't forget to light the candles!

For those who are curious, the countdown has begun: Day 7!

12 thoughts on “Veal and Shallots in Red Wine; Valentine’s Day…. Hmmm…”

  1. I am all for food&love!
    Of course, wine always helps..
    Hubby and I are both second-time-around – I think that helps as far as remembering to be kind and cherish the little things.
    I agree that dinner can be a wonderful bond to draw you in to intimacy and your dinner sounds rich, warming and loving. What’s for dessert?

  2. My Beloved loves the grand gestures, often giving me romantic things like unexpected bouquets of flowers and taking me for surprise getaway weekends. I love his romantic side. But I also love when he walks the dog without being asked or does the dishes or warms me up in bed when I’ve gotten up to walk the dog.

  3. 😉 I sometimes think of it as cool romance – bumping into each other at the bathroom sink – and hot romance which needs no example.
    But coming together in the evening to bring the day to a close and hearts together always seems romantic even if it’s staring into space.

  4. Ah yes, Katie. Us older married folks have it way good, I think! Farmboy and I will have been married 38 years this Sept. (I was a VERY young bride…just 18!) I know what he likes. He knows what I like. We know what pleases each other. For a lot of our marriage, love has been a decision, for there were many, many times we did not FEEL the love! But, oh, the rewards!
    Tho we still have 2 teens at home, and our 8yo grandson has been living with us for nearly 1 1/2 years, we still try to make time for a nice, quiet dinner for just the two of us. This week it was a small tenderloin, shrimp scampi, and fettucini with herbs and lemon. Oh the bliss!

  5. Katie,
    Beautiful post. We’ve been married for 43 years and food and dining have probably had a hand in keeping us together. Exploring new restaurants while traveling, trying new ingredients, cooking together and the Saturday night ritual of candles, wine, and music.
    Your photograph is glistening! Makes me want to try this. What cut of veal did you use?

  6. Natashya, I’m 2nd, he’s 3rd… so 30 years is pretty good!
    Chris, the best part of the day. Glad I remembered in time!
    Val, we’ve been doing it for so many years – does that make it a habit? It’s a good one…
    Zoomie, I vote for the dog at 3am (Sedi is old, has to get up to pee in the night)
    Tanna, Hot and Cold – I like that… Sometimes staring is all we have energy for.
    Cindy, nothing like renewing over good food, is there? And there is a lot to be said for long marriages…
    Penny, when we travel, we book the restaurants first, hotels are second!
    Bren, it gets so much more tender than beef… I love shallots… all the time!

  7. Wow! I also food lover and this one is a perfect dish for this valentines,i sure of it. Thank you so much for sharing the ingredients.

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