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Broccoli with Garlic Chips; new windows — 14 Comments

  1. Recipes that are too simple ??? Their head is screwed on backwards. A recipe’s difficulty is not part of evaluating it’s worth. You evaluate a recipe first on is it something you’ll want to eat.
    Garlic chips . . . bring em on.
    The windows . . . WOW!! Counter to tile … you are cruising!!

  2. Someone accused you of making too simple recipes? Doesn’t people have a job to do? Are they too bored or what?
    Simple things are the best in all ways! Hand me a plate please 😀

  3. Bring on the simple! Who has the time to cook like Julia nowadays? A recipes degree of difficulty is NOT what defines it as delicious.
    Sounds like things are moving along quite nicely in the kitchen! When everything finally comes together, you will just be that much more appreciative!

  4. Tanna, I agree, especially these days, I like simple.
    Nuria, I knew you’d like that garlic!!!
    Cindy, yes, it’s moving along…. some days better than other!

  5. Too simple, eh? There’s always someone complaining about something, isn’t there? (I know someone who complains that a recipe is too complicated if it contains the word “meanwhile” in the instructions.)
    Your broccoli with garlic chips sounds absolutely delicious. Although, I might be tempted to make it more complicated by adding some julienned ginger in with the garlic.
    A new kitchen counter needs to be adorned with ginger.

  6. What mon mari says – mon mari does! Congratulations for getting it all renovated – but keep it simple like your cooking. If simple is sublime why make it complicated…the broccoli and garlic flakes exude simplicity at their best.

  7. I am struck by the beauty of the views through your windows and out your door – gorgeous! As far as your recipes, I always like that you follow the KISS rule – Keep it simple, sweetie!

  8. First of all, I worship at the temple of simple! And especially when that simple includes garlic — how can you go wrong?
    Secondly, your windows and door will be spectacular when they’re in. 7 and 10 feet??? Wow!
    But cooking without a sink WILL be a challenge. Re-heating would be my speed. 😉

  9. Garlic chips mae this way may be a bit strong for my taste… I like doing the same thiing to shallots though 🙂

  10. Oh, you have fingernails! You are obviously not out playing in the dirt these days like at least one of your readers is. Very fatiguing playing, I might add.
    If one wants complicated, there are plenty of other sites out there. Simple is the key to what makes yours particularly interesting. ESPECIALLY when one has all kinds of heavy construction work going on but must feed the hubby. (We get a support wall knocked out tomorrow and an I-beam inserted — who has time or energy to prepare complicated meals under those circumstances?)
    I know to toss cooked green beans with chopped raw garlic, but this sounds like a fun change. My guy loves garlic, I love broccoli, I’ll definitely have to give this a try.
    As another American living in France, I so related to your shutters story. They also thought we were crazy, but we knew when they got up in the mornings!
    I know those screws. Wicked looking, aren’t they?

  11. Henhouse, one can never have to much garlic.
    Elizabeth, it’s the old ‘you can’t please everyone’ So I try to please me!
    Val, the reward at the end of the day.
    Samantha, slowly, it’s getting there
    Zoomie, the views were what really convinced us – thankfully, they don’t need renovation.
    Toni, at some point one has to cook… or go crazy. We manage.
    Jude, shallot chips would be good..
    Azurienne, the shutters are a hoot – crazy Americans, letting in the night air. The fingernails disappear with the spring.

  12. Heh, I agree that’s there’s no such thing as too much garlic. It’s a great addition for a variety of meals – not in soup, nor in pasta. Anyways, the new windows seem nice. Big ones work well in houses that get a lot of sunlight outside. All that natural light coming though during the day feels very fresh!