Carrot and Celery Soup; Squishy things in the dark; Weekly Menu — 13 Comments

  1. Things that go squish in the night. Shudder. I picture one of those plastic jelly critters, but that would have still been there in the light (and you would have known that you possessed such a thing). Then I pictured a big frog. Don’t know that it’s the right season for that, yet, and hopefully one won’t find its way into your house! Ugh! Either be happy you didn’t kill something, or pretend it was something totally benign.
    An addition of nutmeg or mace to a carrot soup can be a nice touch.

  2. Btw, the new feature of previous articles with a relationship to the current one is a really classy addition. Either helps to refresh the addled brain that almost remembers a similar recipe, or it exposes a whole new recipe that might either better fit the mood at the moment or include more ingredients currently on hand. Or, sometimes, just bring back memories of an old fun story.

  3. EWWWWW! It wasn’t even still stuck to your shoe?! That can only mean it’s rallying the troops and plotting it’s revenge. 😀

  4. I’m up for soup any time of the year, but it’s especially nice to see a “light” soup around this time. Tho, one look out my kitchen window where I am currently seeing falling snow, makes me re-think the “light”, and has me hungry for something rib-sticking!
    As for the “squish”, around our place it usually means one of the cats has coughed up a hairball. Or worse.

  5. The soup looks so hearty and delicious~ love it anytime of the year. So, have you figured out what was squishy yet?

  6. Oh dear…….Not even on the bottom of your shoe? Ick! Soup…yes, that was a brilliant antidote to squish. I love the simplicity of this one. I’m definitely going to be making it.

  7. Lovely light soup – I need to add some lighter ones to my repertoire now that spring is springing.
    I plan on showing up for the Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Spinach and Prosciutto night. I don’t mind sleeping with the dogs – but I will be keeping one eye open for the maimed squishy thing..
    (Reminds me of John Irving, “It made the sound of something trying not to make a sound..:)

  8. Azurienne, I don’t want to picture anything… Or see it. I’ll be oblivious! – and thanks!
    WJ, I know…. I’m having nightmares… and daymares
    Zoomie, thank god!
    Tanna, that’s why I can’t go to scary movies – way to vivid of an imagination!
    Cindy, if I had a cat, I’d have a solution!
    Jann, don’t want to know.
    Toni, that’s what worries me – see MJ’s comment
    Natashya, light is good this time of year… so are lights!

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