Cheesy Beef and Potato Pie; What sucks you in? — 11 Comments

  1. I know just what you mean – get immersed in a project and all else is forgotten. Oh, well, at least you were productive and happy, even if the dogs weren’t. BTW, do they have leash laws in France? Or can your dogs go out unaccompanied?

  2. I think without my husband around that would be everyday and everynight.
    Even knowing it was ground beef, I looked at the photo and wanted it to be lentils. Sometimes I really think I just want veggies. Even with beef it looks like comfort food with all the yummy cheese.

  3. It’s amazing, but everything I can think of that sucks me in at the moment is somehow related to family or food, the pillars of my world. Your pie looks to die for. I love comfort food. SOrry I’ve been so scarce, but have just rebuilt my crashed blog and am back in the world again, so expect more visits. Inge

  4. How often?? Is “all the time” consider once or an infinite number? (I’m procrastinating right now…).
    That pie sounds awfully good.

  5. yeah…computer have become part of our life it is very hard to resist….this dish looks really great!! i was wondering where i have to find ingredients..i recently came across a great site where we can get a gammut of food products from around the world.

  6. Val, always far too quickly for me… usually productive… but not always
    Zoomie no leash laws and no trespass laws, so we can wander at will – at our own risk, of course.
    Tanna, lentils would be good… Husbands keep us sane… or, at least, make us get some sleep.
    A.V. don’t you just love computer problems? I’ve been running frantically, too.
    Elizabeth, I think ‘all the time’ would be once….
    Dawn, a big part of our lives…

  7. We have the same thing that sucks us both in. Before I realized it I’ve spent hours upon hours on my desk.

  8. Thank you, Katie, that’s a relief. It would be terrible to have to admit that I can be tricked into doing what I shouldn’t more than once. (Although… my motto has always been “Never do today what could be just as easily put off tomorrow”.)

  9. Jude, not only do I spend hours… I don’t want to stop!
    Elizabeth, I won’t even mention the time I have wasted playing computer games (good mental exercise, right?)

  10. Between my computer and my phone…It’s a wonder I get anything done at all!
    This dish looks yummy. Beef and cheese….how can you go wrong? 🙂