Chicken Breasts Balsamic; Didn’t we do Anthing this week? — 7 Comments

  1. I can see it coming together. Love this stage of construction when the outlines are being filled in and the promise of completion is so close. The finished chicken looks delectable.

  2. Hooray for progress! I like that bathroom counter and sink. Looks very classy. I assume the water runs, too?

  3. I am finally just going through all the pictures of the renovated house. If you ever feel like you want to have guests from the American Midwest to visit, email me. 🙂 Everything looks great, the food included.

  4. Look at all that counter space. Oh, drool. Just look at all that counter space. Oh, drool some more. Oh, well, I’ll stay excited about getting my support wall finally taken out to create a larger environment in a different room.
    Bon courage!

  5. Tanna, I know, I’m awfully demanding…
    Zoomie, if we were truly wizards we’d be done.
    Penny, and seeing my drawings come to life – it’s wonderful.
    Lynn, water runs in the bathroom – not the kitchen, tho
    Liberal Foodie – do you do work????
    Azurienne, yeah, lots of counter – I’m so excited… but your wall looks exciting