Chicken Creole; Miscommunication? Or none at all? — 9 Comments

  1. Love the story…the recipe sounds good too!
    Yes, we have all been down the road of mis-communication.
    “I thought you said…”, “But you told me…”, or maybe “You never told me that…”
    One would think after nearly 38 years of marriage we would be able to read each others minds! Ha!

  2. another great adventure in your life! I enjoy your posts so much…a great meal to ease the stress of the day!

  3. Spicy chicken is definitely what you need to calm the nerves! I have had days like that…

  4. Um. Been there. Done that. Plenty of time to work up all kinds of anger and recriminations. Then to find out that the other party was just as justified to experience the very same emotions. It’s just not fair when the wind gets taken out of your sails, is it? They aren’t supposed to have been getting just as upset or worried as you did. Not fair at all!
    Nice easy looking chicken dish. Always looking for something a little different. I’d use legs, though, as neither of us care for the white meat if it can be avoided.

  5. Cindy, one would think that… the mind reading… Or, at least, better guessing!
    Tanna, neither is better guessing!
    Thanks, Jann – and welcome back!
    Natashya, thankfully, it was a decent day – for March!
    Zoomie, it took awhile for the humor to appear…
    Azurienne, it takes all the fun out of yelling!
    Psychgrad, I think we are finally learning not to waste the energy…
    Val, a little spice is always good ;-))