Risotto with Prosciutto and Cannellini; Fire in the Hole! — 12 Comments

  1. Goodness! I would be unplugging that baby when I leave the house. (Reminds me of my days working in housewares, one customer complaining that her electronic blender comes on in the middle of the night and wakes her up..)
    Nothing like a little risotto and wine to soothe one’s nerves. 🙂

  2. Ahhh well of course a party would be just what I’d have in mind after waiting how many months for a working oven? Party on girl but I do like the looks of the beans and the risotto!

  3. I’d ask them to replace this one with a new one – too scary! I’m so glad you were home to witness the problem – good luck making the guarantee work!

  4. Kati, So sorry about your stove! I would ask for a replacement,can you? I’m so glad you’re attending our festa and bringing this great comfort food. A welcome addition to our table! Thanks again.
    xox, Marie

  5. Your risotta looks wonderful with the proscuitto. Your stove story is scary. Marie and Maryann had a wonderful Italian fiesta and it was so nice of them to invite us. You have a great blog and I’ll be back.

    I’m suitably shocked. And our avowal to NEVER replace our now ancient electric stove/oven (we think it is from around 1970) is even firmer. Why can’t they make things to last (but really, a week or two is getting ridiculous, isn’t it?)
    Good idea to comfort yourselves with risotto

  7. Tanna, a party, yes – but just the wine…
    Natashya, I’m not going to be very comfortable with it for awhile.
    Zoomie, I wish they would, but non!
    Maryann, glad I could make it.
    Thanks, Marie, no new oven, tho…
    A woman – it is scary…. It will be awhile…
    Elizabeth, I’d feel better if I knew WHY it happened…

  8. No kidding, Katie.
    And after having read about the “not servicable in your area” fiasco, I’m still suitably outraged and stunbound (I know. It’s not a word. But don’t you think it should be?)
    I’m with Shayne. They should be replacing the whole thing.

  9. The warranty doesn’t even cover replacing the charred piece of the oven? On a brand new appliance? What kind of warranty is that?