Pork with Peppers and Olives; the importance of the “C” drive — 8 Comments

  1. I just found your site, and I’m really loving hearing about your recipes as well as your life in France… I’m in the same boat, and I can relate to a lot of your stories. Happy blogging!

  2. i`m happy your computer works fine again:)
    i`m reading your blog everytime, you put something news on it.
    The pork looks delicious
    Greetings Gippy

  3. As you say, don’t mess with the magic! I have absolutely no understanding of the innards of computers and zero desire to learn; I just enjoy the magic. 🙂

  4. Exactly. Do we really HAVE to have pictures to open a program? When my computer (going on for 4 now…) starts coughing, I’ll try to remember the C-drive cautionary tale. Excuse me now while I go and practice my wide-nostril withering look for when I have to endure the computer geek’s expert advice.
    Do you have that porkchop with noodles, rice or potatoes?

  5. Really Katie I can’t believe he would say it’s OK for the C drive to be called L, I mean after all those years C obviously would answer when you start calling it L … elementary my dear Watson! Really my semesters with fortran a few others taught me what I really want is magic . . . oh and pork with peppers & olives.

  6. Sara, I’d put olives in everything if I could…
    Emiglia, thanks, glad you enjoy… Restoration is challenging, isn’t it?!
    Marieke, thanks for visiting… I’m glad my computer is back to…mostly, anyway.
    Zoomie, that’s why they used to put blinking lights on them – to entertain and mystify!
    Elizabeth, we had it with (gulp) brown rice… And the ‘C’ drive actually turned out even worse than I thought… But I overcame! (Stupid Geek).
    Tanna, the more I think about it the angrier I get. But I’m not doing it all over again, so… He got me!

  7. I am new here and I like your blog! I am a Chinese and not good at English.
    Why am I here?
    Because of food.
    I was searching for the usage of Barley, because I make a plain barley soup. To be honest, it tastes less. It was my first experience to eat Barley. I used to have Perl Barley. Is there any different form them?
    I like your story too, make me laughing. And I like your recipe, I need try them.
    Have good weekends,