Scallops on Pesto; Bunny Ears — 15 Comments

  1. No, no Katie I know your serious when I laugh . . . sounds odd but I’m really ok.
    The scallops look grand, I need an easy!
    Bunny ears . . . by themselves . . . that would mean a lot of deaf bunnies . . .

  2. I think the coral is what makes it expensive. So if you don’t even like it, certainly makes sense to try to buy without! And thanks for the dinner idea. I have all ingredients at hand, and I’m too tired from much physical yard work to think about anything very complicated.
    Any possibility that first bush is a Japanese quince?
    Poor bunrab.

  3. Oh how I have learned that expensive lesson of grocery shopping hungry not good.
    I have not done scallops in ages since they are so flipping expensive here too. Hmm…maybe it is time to splurge.

  4. oh yes Bunny ears, just like muffin tops. your flowering bushes are beautiful. Scallops are one of my most favoritest things.

  5. Scallops at my beloved Costco are
    $10 per #…and they are the jumbo’s! I haven’t done them in ages tho. I have been stocking up on their ginormous shrimp instead! (ginormous is now a word, don’cha know? It’s now in the dictionary!) Must try this one tho. Looks delicious.
    As for the bunny ears…oh yeah. They are the 1st to go around here!

  6. I wonder how many bunnies would be missing ears if some clever chocolaterie made them with the ears laying down – like bunnies do when they rest. Maybe whole heads would then go missing?
    Quince bush, yes. Lucky you! I hope you get fruit!

  7. You know… I do not comment in enough here. I read you regularly and am so please with the progress in your home (esp bathroom). But I wanted you to know how I covet your life! GREG

  8. Scallops are one of those things that I have never tried cooking at home. I hear that they are easy but still have trepidation. I think a dish like this with frozen scallops would be the perfect entry dish to assuage my fears. Looks tasty!

  9. Oh, too funny~the bunny part, that is~ the bushes outside are gorgeous! Spring has arrived in France! Yippee…..a terrific looking dish there with the scallops… them!

  10. You eat the ears first?!! Now, if you were like I am, and ate the feet first, you’d have been able to strategically rewrap the bunny and nobody would have known (right away, anyway) that there had been some pre-Easter nibbling.
    The scallops sound wonderful and I’m suitably envious of your forsythia and the mystery red flowered shrub.

  11. Tanna, deaf bunnies? I’ll have to put them out of their misery, won’t I?
    Azurienne, I’m sure the French wouldn’t buy them without the coral… works for me.
    Jeff, they are expensive, but they’re also rich, so a few go a long way – at least at our house.
    Shayne… muffin tops with bunny ears – may be on to something…
    Cindy, ginormous is a word???? I remember when ‘ain’t’ wasn’t.
    Ciaochowlinda, would that be the edible quince? Do I have fruit?
    Christine, I have seen them with their ears back – no fun a’tall.
    Greg… Do you also covet the work and cold? Can we talk?
    Natashya, they are really easy – just be gentle.
    Zoomie, and Happy Spring to you!
    Jann, do you eat bunny ears?
    Elizabeth, Duh, well that deserves a smack to the head… Feet first, who’d’a thought…. A bunny foot fetish…

  12. I really should confess that I don’t think I’d be able to stop at the bunny’s feet and might end up leaving only the head. Then I’d realize that nobody would be fooled (I’m slow that way) and finish the thing off, munching on the ears as I re-entered the chocolate bunny shop to purchase one or two more (if one is good, two must be better).
    I googled “flowering quince” and look!! You could take a clipping and bonsai your quince
    What a perfect thing for you to do in your spare time.