Spaghetti Amatriciana; French for Alpha, Bravo, Charlie…. — 16 Comments

  1. Oh and Katie not to make you feel bad or anything but this month’s bread would have been so perfect for that pasta . . . really . . . rub . . . how cruel am I . . . I have my fourth rising should I just bring a loaf over . . . sounds like I could get there before the new fan.
    Gadfry we really need a party when the oven works.

  2. I think I deleted the message, so here’s try #2
    I can’t believe I’ve missed so much drama. Holy Cow! And you still make the tastiest dishes. Don’t know how you do it.
    Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Night and good luck with that stove.

  3. Oh, this makes me hungry…so sorry you can’t make bread!
    I was taught to make this by a friend who’d lived in Italy for several years. He taught me that the key is to cook the pancetta (affumicata if possible–smoked bacon, essentially), tomatoes and onions/garlic in separate pans, and then combine them only for a moment at the end. Have you heard that method? He also added something he called “bird peppers”–tiny little triangular peppers about the size of a baby’s pinky fingernail, and hot as the blazes. I have never run across these anywhere.
    I hope your nice young man got everything down right and you get your oven in working order quickly!

  4. Funny! You’ll have to invent your own “sound alphabet” to use at times like this! I have trouble thinking of a word even in English when I’m under pressure!

  5. You are the definition of intrepid! I don’t know how you manage to keep turning out delicious meals after witnessing your stove go up in flames! I think you’d find me in the local restaurant!

  6. Oh my that was quite an adventure. So you will have the oven back in about a week? I’d go crazy without one. And your dish is more than welcome. I love spicy food, but not hot. I like the taste to tease my tongue, but if it starts burning then I need to call the foodie fire fighters, LOL. Great entry for PPN, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. Tanna, I know…. I know…. It would have been perfect!
    Ruth, good thing pasta doesn’t need an oven!
    Hi Tracy – nice to hear from you! I’ll remember the separate pans next time.
    Zoomie, and then I’d have to remember it…
    Toni, I didn’t have the strength to go out.
    Ben, I’ve already been without for 5 months – except my little one…
    Elizabeth, it’s a challenge

  8. I remember a hardcore foodie being so particular with the quality of ingredients in amatriciana. Some people seem to be really passionate about this and it’s easy to see why.

  9. life in rural france sounds similar to life on a greek island – thank goodness for our interest in cooking to relive the pressure
    this amatriciana looks fantastic

  10. You can bake bread on the stove and in the barbecue, Katie, (she said, oh so helpfully….)
    Mmmm, the spaghetti sounds fabulous. I’d like some NOW please.

  11. Jude, a lot of people are… I’m not one (as you can see) – I go for easy and what I like. Maybe I should rename it….
    Tigerfish, bacon flavors… yeah!
    Maria y, I think you are right, very similar.
    Another Elizabeth ;-)) I was a bit surprised, myself… and after 10 years! We do need to get the barbecue out.

  12. Its looks delicious.I wanna try to cook it for my birthday blow out.Hope my friend well love it.

  13. Very nice dish which is quite similar to how we make a bolognese. You might like to try an additional ingredient, chopped celery which you soften with the onion!