Asparagus and Avocado Salad; the weekly shopping; the weekly menu — 12 Comments

  1. Ummmm…when first married a neighbor & I used to clip newspaper coupons together one night and then make a day of shopping the next day; to save money. Like you today, I find myself going multiple places to get specific different things from the only place in town that carries it. Can I blame that on my blog? I don’t think entirely because I think I’ve been doing that much longer than I’ve had my blog.

  2. I would prefer to shop in a single store for convenience sake, but I go where the food is fresh and flavorful, even if that means more than one stop. Also, now that I’m retired, I shop more frequently, which makes it easier to find the best/freshest. Nice.

  3. I have to do the same thing. Favorite butcher is about 2 hours away so once a quarter pack it in the truck and make a drive with coolers to stock up. Fresh produce I am hit or miss and something I really have to just curse and change the whole recipe because I can’t find X or X that looks decent anywhere.
    However, I miss farmer’s market badly because it is one stop shopping for the most part.

  4. I’ve shopped in the past at that same Minneapolis story–B—–y’s. It has changed in recent years, and not as good as years ago. In Florida, we find that we need to go to several grocers each week to get what we need. No butcher specialists around here, unfortunately. Then we go to Costco once a month for meat, etc. I can’t imagine working and doing all this running around, but then, we ate differently then also. I’ve lived long enough to know what I want to eat and how I want it cooked. If it means extra trips to find the ingredients, so be it. Life is too short to settle for cheap food. Amen!!

  5. I used to do the exact same thing when I lived in the 7th arrondissement in Paris: I lived within walking distance of an excellent market street, an ED (discount supermarket for the non-French) and a tiny Franprix. I somehow juggled all my menus and managed to hit each of these stores sometimes several times a week… plus a G20 if I needed any American ingredients.
    Now I have a two-level Champion mega market, plus I live right near rue Mouffetard. I hit the markets of rue Mouffetard first and then round it out with Champion… it works now (finally) but I feel your pain!

  6. KNow what you mean isn’t it just annoying that the good things that you like all get replaced (or taking out of stock) by NEW-NEW-NEW versions, better and healthier.. not!, added extra salt and flavorings, precut (with brown edges yuk!)… ah the times we live in….

  7. I’m laughing because I have the same type of shopping problem here. I wish I had my own store so I could only stock the things I prefer!
    Love the sound of the salad. Saving right now!

  8. Tanna, Ah, yes, I remember those coupon days…..
    Zoomie, sometimes I think I make work for myself – I just found another wonderful green grocer….
    Jeff, I refuse to go out for ‘one’ thing… always make a change first.
    Susan, Yup, that’s the one!
    Emiglia, I’ve never lived where I could walk to a store….
    Lien, I HATE precut… I have a knife, thank you!
    Kalyn, now that’s an idea…. Can I shop at your store?

  9. Hi Katie
    Just filled up my glass of water and have sat down to catch up on your blog. I am babysitting our littlest one and she is asleep.
    I know what you mean I love going to my local shops but sometimes I bite the bullet and supermarket shop. WE are quite lucky here in NZ we have excellent produce as well and even the supermarket stocks good food. But we must keep the little local shops going. I love my little fishmonger, butcher and greengrocer all next door to one another . That’s great.

  10. Oh, I’m so with you on this. Why, oh why, can the best of everything not be sold at one store – or at least at adjacent stores?! I also find it unsettling when I go back to South Africa for a holiday and shop in the stores where I always used to shop – and then get frustrated at the stuff they don’t have (and that I’ve got used to here in the UK!). Love the sound of the salad! Just gotta find me some ripe tomatoes now…

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