Asparagus, Tuna and Caper Risotto; the importance of being needed — 10 Comments

  1. I trust him to not stay off the foot and my gosh he really is going to have to start taking care of you . . . yes, it’s so grand to be needed when they need to help.
    Love the risotto and with the tuna -promise never to tell.

  2. Oh yes! Sometimes it is hard being a woman and being able to keep your mouth shut. Hang in there. The worst patient in the world is a MAN. I do wish him a speedy recovery.

  3. I feel bad for laughing at your post while your husband is in the hospital but sadly I can relate. Being a single male who lives alone it is amazing the amount of girls that when I go on a date with them are amazed that my house is clean and I can cook. Like both of those are some secret society that no guy has ever ventured into and came out alive or at least still straight.
    Curious to see how the adjustment period because I know after a couple days of no one in my house I am happily back to my own insanity and when people are over I get annoyed because they are in my space.
    p.s. this time of year asparagus risotto is one of my favs. So fresh and so spring tasting.

  4. Pretty funny! Especially living on “warm thoughts”. That’s leaving a really tiny eco-footprint!

  5. What a wonderful way to use asparagus, I love the addition of tuna too – very creative.

  6. Tanna, My secret is safe… for now.
    Susan, he gets soooo bored… cranky soon follows.
    Jeff, after being alone for 3 weeks, and him being pampered, it will be an adjustment!
    Maria, indeed…. ;-))
    Tracy, yeah, that’s what I’m thinking! (Nice to hear from you)
    Natashya, asparagus every day; every way for about a month.
    Low carb, it’s delicious – but not low ;-))

  7. LOL! Reminds me of when Nick was living in London and me in South Africa. He could not comprehend why I was cooking all these elaborate dishes – surely all my cooking was just for HIM, and alone I’d subsist on a diet of beans on toast?? Bless.
    Love the sound of this risotto, tuna and all!

  8. This is my favorite Risotto recipe, my is little bit different but i will try this one to see how it is.