Asparagus with Green Garlic; Spanish lunch — 9 Comments

  1. Kate, The green garlic is lovely in these dishes. Hope the two of you get back on track soon, and I admire your devotion to the blog. You are in my thoughts, as is Mon Mari. The house will wait for you. We are back in Lake Lure and facing too many things at once. It will sort itself out with time.

  2. Perfect food for you on your own for a few weeks – fast and tasty! Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Ton Mari! I’m going to try that chilled butter idea, too!

  3. Green garlic is sublime in risotto! The groceries here don’t carry it, but we can get it at the farmers’ market.

  4. That sounds great, I have to hunt down some green garlic, I have never seen it here but I’ll ask!

  5. Nice use of spring vegetables and hopefully some green garlic will be popping up here soon…..I would hate to have to steal it from my garden.

  6. Tanna, I love Spanish time… Sigh….
    Penny, always too many things with a house project. Green Garlic – yes!
    Zoomie, a little makes a big difference.
    Lorette, I don’t think there is enough production for the supermarkets… Glad you can find it.
    Ilva, looks like green onion… but with a garlic smell!
    Jeff, but it would be worth it!

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