Egg ‘Linguini’ with Warm Avocado Sauce; sordid secrets of solitary suppers revealed! — 13 Comments

  1. Oh boy it’s Friday and did you stop at the hardware on the way home 😉 Trust that boy to stay off his foot 😉 in an alternate universe.
    I need to realign my thinking on avocado to include warm . . . they always seem right cool, uncooked. My mind needs an expansion. . . somehow I think that always results in a double expansion of the waist . . .

  2. You’re so clever! I can imagine how buttery and creamy of your pasta is… but which are not made out of fatty butter and heavy cream. Just love it!

  3. Mmm, may have to try this and see if my girls will eat avacados this way. Will you have to change your style of eating when your husband gets home?

  4. Egg linguini! I have never had such a thing, sounds good! Of course, I would ruin the whole low-carb thing and eat that dish with half a loaf of French bread. 🙂

  5. I’m impressed that you cook when you’re alone – I mostly rely on cereal and takeout pizza when MB is away. Hearty wishes for a speedy recovery to ton mari and don’t let him do too much!

  6. Ton mari is finally out of the hospital? Yeah! I hope your life calms down, you get your kitchen finished, and win the lottery. Too much to ask? Well, 2 out of 3 maybe.

  7. My eating-alone default is a bowl of cereal, so you were doing much better than I! Nice that he is home from the hospital now, though; hope all is well health-wise.

  8. Tanna, I made it the first time cold… warm (not hot) was better. Of course we stopped and bought lumber!
    Gattina, I love creamy… but must watch the weight!
    Jann, avocados are one of the current favorite ‘A’ foods.
    Meredith, not really, just be mindful of not have all of one type of food… so pretty much normal
    Natashya, Exactly!!!!!
    Zoomie, that’s usually what I think I’ll eat… but, then I get into the kitchen, pour a glass of wine…. There you have it
    Lynn, yes please….
    Lydia, things are definitely looking up!

  9. I do not think I have ever had warm avocado before. I normally just dice them up in salads or guac.
    This does sound really good and easy.
    Good luck!

  10. I make a earm avocado soup that is ridiculously comforting and creamy, so I love the idea of the pasta sauce! And your well thought-out final meal alone cracked me up 🙂

  11. Jeanne, warm avocado soup…. yum! It’s raining again today…. that sounds wonderful.