Fresh Pea Soup; boxes, boxes and more boxes — 11 Comments

  1. Fresh pea soup sounds like just the ticket I need after a weekend of cooking and eating! Back to salads and soups for a while!
    Glad hubby is doing better, and I am sure he will be most anxious to get home to you! Yes?

  2. i hope mon mari comes homs soon
    the trees around your house are beautiful
    it is nice to see such serene spring bliss

  3. The wisteria here is in full bloom, too, and what a joy it is. I’m going to have to try green pea soup – I love peas, so I’m sure the soup will be lovely.

  4. Perseverance is a virtue and has its rewards. I hope in all that searching you found the bourbon bottle. It looks like spring has sprung in France – beautiful wisteria and lovely pea soup.

  5. Foot healing – don’t trust him to stay off foot, would it be a more positive statement to say, they trust him to be walking if they let him go 😉
    Perseverance – I believe you have it. I found a long time ago that without it I’d never get anything done.
    Favorite chair in the kitchen – sit with a bowl of warm soup 😉
    Wisteria, glorious stuff. I LOVE ours, unfortunately this year was very short blooming because of a texas frog chocker.

  6. I am starting a week of peas at SippitySup! Thanks for the inspiration!
    I read you regularly, but am shy about comments! GREG

  7. Oh dear… glad you found the scale at last. Did you happen to find our blue-handled scissors and the half bottle of whiskey while you were going through your boxes? (I loved those blue-handled scissors!!)

  8. I haven’t made fresh pea soup either, just the split pea kind. We were at a party a little while ago and an aging gentleman was talking about the “pea soupers”, it took a while for me to realize that he was referring to the French! Well, French Canadian I guess.
    Looks lovely for spring, I will have to give it a try.

  9. Cindy, soup season is about over for me – except for cold summer ones. Salads, tho…
    Sam, I love to use real, fresh peas, but there hard to find and a bit of work.
    Maria, I love spring~
    Zoomie, a wisteria tree – isn’t that bizarre?
    Lynn, no bourbon… I got a wine delivery, though…
    Tanna, last year ours froze just before blooming. sad!
    Greg, must come and check out the peas
    Elizabeth, the blue handled scissors? Maybe it’s with my summer shoes – haven’t found them either
    Natashya, where I grew up we had ‘Pea Soup Days’ (not Canada)

  10. That sounds like me – once i get an idea in my head to find something, there’s no shifting it! And I may well be in the same boat soon, when our boxes of stuff arrive by sea from South Africa… Aaarrgh! Time to find out how accurate that inventory REALLY is.
    Love the pea soup – I don’t know whay I don’t make it more often as peas have always been a favourite in this house.