Pasta with Lamb and White Beans; Internet cook books, Weekly Menu — 13 Comments

  1. Are ya kiddin’ me??? THIS is what you do in your spare time??? I just went to a few pages, and can hardly wait till I have more time to peruse! Thanks!

  2. Holy Cow, you did all that in between renovating your huge house/barn, caring for Ton Mari, walking the Girl Dogs! You are amazing! Brava!!

  3. internet recipes suit me more than cookbooks theses days. i wont throw out my old cookbooks because the are precious memories of my younger days, but i must admit, i prefer my computer to books – it’s called progress!

  4. maria v, I also tend to cook via internet. Just put in a couple of main ingredients you have on hand, and voilà, recipes using those come right up. Cookbooks always call for everything you don’t happen to have.
    However, cookbooks make wonderful coffee table books! Just take a couple from the vast collection (and most of mine are from a life a loooong time ago), then browse thru them when you’re sitting down for a few minutes. They are a great way to bring back old memory recipes, but then the internet comes to the rescue to freshen them up a bit!

  5. You have been working hard!
    I love the pasta out of leftover lamb, the Greek flavours are perfect to match the stong lamby flavour.

  6. Hello Katie — I mainly wanted to say hi. I have really dropped out of food blogging lately, so sorry I haven’t kept up. It was just getting to be too much. I still write La France Profonde and And So Forth though. It’s nice to see some people “fidèles au poste…”
    Hope your move has worked out and have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Oh yum! I have to tell you–I made the leg of lamb for Easter, and it was fabulous, and I made this last night with the leftovers, and again–fabulous! Thanks!

  8. Tanna, sorry – I ate it all.
    Cindy, sleep is highly over rated (not)
    Zoomie, when I was trapped at Vlad’s house without internet.
    Maria, I love my books…. and the internet.
    Azurienne, books are treasures, the internet is a convenience… which I love, also
    Natashya, some days I wonder why I do it.
    Betty, Hi to you too, I visit ;-))
    Thanks, Marie
    And you too, Tracy!
    Amy, glad you liked! (Hope the weather was decent!

  9. wow! Definitely it is what i will cook for my guests the next time we meet together. By other hand it’s funny surfing in internet and at the same time finding what u can cook for today. Thank you for those delicious ideas.