Peas and Carrots; Do you play with your vegetables? — 15 Comments

  1. I’ll take mine in any of the above fashions. Nothing beats a crunchy, sweet, raw carrot, tho!

  2. I would definitely go with brown butter on veg! Sounds yummy!
    It depends on the veg I suppose, but over here I can never go wrong with a lot of garlic 🙂

  3. Oh, thanks for a lovely idea. I’m having company tomorrow, plan to do a risotto and rotisseried leg of lamb, and this sounds like a perfect companion.
    My mother always cut carrots into pennies and overcooked them, and I think I don’t care for cooked carrots much because of it. And I never knew what to do with snow peas. This sounds like a lot of fun to eat!
    You have such nice ideas.

  4. If we are what we eat, you are adventurous and experimental. I, on the other hand, am fresh but a little bit boring.

  5. What am I? With grits and a little butter for breakfast, I’m thinking I should have browned the butter but I’m not sure Benecol will brown.
    You are bright and bold! with these peas and carrots.

  6. We Indians camouflage our veggies in many disguises so once in a while, it’s nice to go to a restaurant and have some bland, Western, minimalistic preparation of veggies.

  7. Cindy, my son will only eat them raw; won’t touch them cooked.
    Joey, garlic chips…. you’re right, garlic is always a plus!
    Azurienne, my mother did the same – carrots and green beans were the only non-canned veg she made (and sweet corn in summer)
    Zoomie, fresh is always good – all those canned veg from my childhood… do they still sell them?
    Sam… OK
    Tanna, grits and butter… Could I add bacon and cheese? I like a savory breakfast….
    Sra, minimalistic… such a nice turn of phrase ;-))

  8. Bacon makes everything better. However, if I a am picking from the garden half the time they don’t even make it out of the garden before they have been consumed. Stupid lack of self-control.

  9. If I am what I eat… I am starchy and savoury…
    Could be worse, I suppose.
    Your snow peas are so crisp and vibrant looking, I am longing for them now.

  10. i quite like veges cooked just enough to be able to hold them onto a fork – and drizzled with olive oil!

  11. Jeff, bacon… garden… tough choice but I’ll take the garden,
    Natashya, I’m definitely savory… and salty!
    Maria, sounds perfect!
    Val, sounds perfect, also!

  12. Mmm, veggies with browned butter!!
    I tend to like veggies crispy, or better still – raw. Most often though in our house, they will end up in a stir-fry not unlike this 🙂

  13. Nice article, but as a Brit I have to point out we do dress our veg, honestly. Thanks