Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken on Pimiento Sauce; the Weekly Menu — 5 Comments

  1. Don’t think I’ll have time to make this tonight since there will be nothing in the fridge and we don’t get home till midnight but perhaps later in the week. Sure like the sound of the moist and spicy.
    Coffee would be the correct choice here I think ;o)

  2. hahahaha happy to hear I am not the only one who goes oh no I have these pics of this dish but zero freaking clue what went in it. I started to write everything down in my notebook but I can never find anything there.
    I like the new blog and subscribed to that one too. Are you going to keep updating this one or switch fully over?

  3. Jeff, why do we do that! I have scraps of paper – all sizes, everywhere, with lists of ingredients but no names.

  4. Wrapping chicken (or anything!) in Prosciutto always makes a meal an Event! Looks heavenly. And do you know, somehow “clean the house” never realyl makes it onto my to do list either…