Stir-Fried Scallops with Ham; Finally: a house update! — 13 Comments

  1. What a fabulous tree! An original.
    Charles is a big fan of scallops, the proscuitto would make his day.

  2. amazing difference in the yard and great use of the cow trough.
    Even though that is a pretty private room nothing ever beats the joy and joyness of being home. More jealous of the cabinet making skills than the meal because I suck at cabinetry.

  3. Somehow, that austere hospital room reminds of the hospital I worked in in Honokaa, Big Island…and I ate everyday there and loved the hospital food, maybe because the cooks were Japanese and Filipina!

  4. Well, of course you should use the cow trough the cows aren’t . . . or are they?
    Drawers and that’s a big deal, maybe not as big as running water but still it’s a big deal.
    That wisteria is fabulous.

  5. Great post. Are you thinkinbg of doing any outdoor cooking? You seem to have just the setting for a great grilling experience.

  6. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more envious, you mention that you have a concrete cow trough to use for your herbs!! How cool that you won’t have to crouch down to harvest them.
    What?? Are my eyes deceiving me? Is there really no thyme in there? That’s just wrong on so many counts.

  7. Things are really falling into place! It certainly is a lot of work, but you will have it looking spectacular in no time.Yes, where are you going to put that outdoor grill?That wisteria tree is to die for~ it takes years to get that look! How beautiful the property is!!

  8. Jeff, mon mari says it just takes patience… and the right tools (boys – toys)(yeah, I know, girls are just as bad)
    Natashya, it’s so ugly in the winter tho… I just won’t look then.
    Loulou – I keep forgetting… we have a local restaurant Chez Loulou! That wisteria is ancient.
    Val, come for dinner anytime…
    Meredith, I don’t know that place – mon mari’s brother and wife have lived on the Kona Coast for years – Captain Cook
    Maryann, thanks – back at ya xxox
    Tanna, drawers are a very big deal… I hadn’t realized!
    Outdoor…The grill will be out soon. We do 6 months of outdoor cooking!
    Lynn, and mon mari almost took the sledge hammer to it!
    Elizabeth, don’t be silly – there’s regular thyme and lemon thyme – look on the left. I haven’t found the serpolet yet….
    Jann, and so much more to do. I think we’ll have to build something for the grill (note the use of the ‘royal we’)