Asparagus Omelet; Weeds, Wandering French Guys… — 12 Comments

  1. Sounds like quite an operator, that guy. I would be so easily taken, especially with my horrid French.
    The omelet sounds good!

  2. Thanks so much dear Katie for joining 😀 😀 :D. Are the asparragus collected in your yard? I love simple things and simple recipes and this one is sooooo tasty with the seasonal veggies.
    Your stories always entertain and amuse me ;D. I’ll stay tunned!
    Thanks and good luck with the Iberian Acorn Ham 😀

  3. i truly love your weedy garden
    asparagus omelet may be simple, but it is also delicious

  4. I can’t decide which party hit the jackpot from this negotiation. Time will tell, and in the meantime, there’s asparagus to enjoy!

  5. In a heartbeat! That’s how fast I would have had him hired! My knees are aching like the dickens from all the garden work this past few weeks!
    And because of all that work in the yard, a simple supper like this omelet is just the ticket! Sometimes simple IS best.

  6. New idea! Bargain with them by offering to make them asparagus omelets for lunch while they work – for a small reduction in the price…

  7. Oh, isn’t that grassy stuff just horrible? And you don’t even notice it until overnight it comes up to your shoulders! The stubble it leaves is really hard on the feet! And be assured it will come back next year, the roots are impossible to pull up (only done in small areas, not huge expanses).
    It will be interesting to see your recipe using your barn flour.

  8. Will be interesting to follow the progress of these smooth operators. We have hired a young guy to spread mulch – so far the piles are no smaller. The omelet looks good.

  9. Mimi, we probably were… But, we got the work done!
    Tanna, they came back with a full crew… scary.
    Nuria, I wish I had wild asparagus! or even planted asparagus. I’ve never had a success with it… I covet the ham!
    Maria, even the snakes? Snakes love weedy gardens, too.
    Zoomie, I’m pretty sure they did ‘-))
    Cindy, sometimes it’s not so much the money as the result…
    Zoomie… but they’re French! This would be foreign!
    Azurienne, the dogs hate walking in it.
    Penny, I just found out they went down to our neighbors when they finished with us.
    Jeanne, good – I need new omelet ideas! and it looks great!
    Natashya, soft, STINKY cheeses