Asparagus with Red Pepper Sauce; The return of the Bunny Slayer — 10 Comments

  1. Hilarious, yet again. I did not know lizards live in France. See how informative your posts are!

  2. Bunnies, lizards, centipedes, dogs
    Lions, coyotes, maris and frogs
    Life with you is an amusing dance
    With all the creatures you find in France! 🙂

  3. We have cats who sit and wait for the birds at the feeders and the ducklings in the pond. One year I saw one of our cats, Fuzzy, grab a duckling from the edge of the pond (in the back yard) and run. I chased him all over the yard, and he finally dropped it and it ran back to the pond. A few minutes later I was in the front yard and I saw him with a bird…I proceeded to chase him again, and he dropped the bird and it flew away. This all took place in about 10 min. time frame!
    Another cat brought a bunny to the back door, and when I opened the door to yell at him he dropped the bunny and it ran in the house, under my bed!!! Had to get the broom to shoo him out. Honestly, with these crazy pets, who needs a TV???
    Now, for the asparagus…I bought some today and made a risotto for supper with leeks, baby portabella mushrooms and asparagus…oh my word. So delicious! My favorite way to fix asparagus is to roast it. Either in the oven, or on the gas grill. Smoky, and still a bit firm…it is one of my favorite vegetables!

  4. Once in the Bahamas, I had a lizard in a motel room, named her Lizzie. When I’d get in in the evening, I’d locate her, turn on the AC and she’d stay put all night then, too cold to move.
    Love your stories and the dogs and the asparagus.

  5. In Florida, our lizards were chameleons. Here in the South of France, supposedly they are all salamanders. They look like lizards to me. But they eat nasty bugs, so I’ve learned to make friends with them, whatever they are called!

  6. You have so many new friends! We have the “geckos”running around here like crazy~that’s part of the thrill of living in Florida. They are harmless…..just really ugly~I’m sure the poor little bunny died of fright, I would! I had the pleasure of having a huge portion of white asparagus a few weeks ago when visiting my friend near Tours. I look for them here, but no such luck. Your sauce looks wonderful!They are delicious!!!

  7. Never knew about lizards in france either. Bunnies are cute but they are pure evil with gardens. I have humane traps in my garden hoping to catch one or two. Problem is in the cages they thrash so if you do not relocate them quickly they will die.

  8. Ruth, yes, we have lizards. Big ones and little ones. Larry is a little one.
    Zoomie, very, very cute!
    Cindy, Sedi always looks sooo surprised when she actually catches something. Unlike the cat we used to have who always looked smug!
    Emily, thanks, I like colors…
    Tanna, it’s amazing what we can do in motel rooms against critters… Good idea!
    azurieen, Larry is not doing his job! Or I’d be happy with him.
    Nuria, I’m to much of a city girl – I don’t know how to skin a rabbit. And it was pretty small.
    Jann, I’m pretty sure you’re right. There were no big bite marks on it.
    Jeff, and I’m planting a garden where Sedi found it… Good dog!