Asparagus, Avocado and Tomato Salad; the Barcelona Beggar — 10 Comments

  1. Barcelona is beautiful in Spring. I love it in Autumn too. It’s interesting that she was an American begging in Barcelona. I wonder how it all started out for her and why she ended up begging in BCN? She must have been able to survive on it if she was doing it for that long.

  2. There is a gentleman in uptown Toronto that wears a bowler hat, spats, and sports a walking cane – sort of a black Charlie Chaplin. He has hit me up for larger fare for the train – with a similar story of robbery.
    He is just so charming, I can’t help but give him the money… again.
    A lovely combo of flavours in you salad. I love Spring produce.

  3. My Beloved and I had a similar experience around Lake Merritt in Oakland – except our lady said she was escaping her physically abusive boyfriend and could we give her enough for a BART ticket back to the city. We not only gave her that, plus $20, we also took her to the BART station in our car and encouraged her to call us if she had any further trouble with the boyfriend, giving her our home number. Only later did we realize she must have been laughing up her sleeve at these two naive do-gooders!

  4. That salad is awesome Katie!!! I love it soooo fresh :D.
    Poor old woman… I’ve heard that Barcelona has doubled its number of beggars… the crisis doesn’t help!
    Get a day fixed, for example next Sant Jordi… I’ll walk down the Ramblas with you 😀

  5. Tanna, life is always interesting – when we pay attention..
    Amanda, I think some of them did okay… but it was curious.
    Zoomie, yeah, I’d do that… naive sucker, too.
    Natashya, sometimes, they’re worth it – when they’re charming.
    Shane, now I’m hungry for that…
    Nuria, oh, how I would love that… Have I missed Sant Jordi again?

  6. Interesting story – and reminded me that I have never met as many well-spoken, charming beggars as I did in the USA. Here in London, they tend to be under the influence, abusive or just plain scary, but in the USA they all seemed plausible.
    This salad sounds fantastic – lots of English asparagus about at the moment. The only challenge is to find avocados in this country that actually RIPEN rather than being rock hard on Monday and rotten on Tuesday…

  7. Jeanne, I remember when one didn’t see any in London – or, at least, I didn’t. They must have been some where.