Noodles with Egg Sauce; Holidays — 10 Comments

  1. The egg sauce is a great little tip that I’ll have to remember. Thanks for that one!

  2. They say that Toronto has two seasons, winter and construction. I think a holiday of quiet sounds wonderful!

  3. lovely story – may day for us was not raining thankfully and we could enjoy it
    the greeks and the french love their days off, dont they?

  4. I LOVE the idea of having a holiday where it’s illegal to work! Wow! We need that here in the U.S.! People would go crazy, but they just might get into it after a few years…

  5. You can end up learning the hard way that May 1 is apparently the most sacred day in France. Places that are even open on Christmas will be closed on May 1. And Labor Day is not a day for barbecues, it’s a day for laborers to take to the streets, for whatever reason. (Do they need one?)
    However, you will probably find that businesses can’t handle a day off two weeks in a row, so yesteryear’s sacred May 8 will probably find most businesses open, exceptionellement, of course.
    May is actually a fabulous month in France. It’s a game to see how few days you can work. Tons of holidays. The worst is when they are on the weekends (no compensating weekday substitutions) or Wednesdays. They will make a “pont” (bridge) to string out long weekends as much as possible. The next two years will be a bummer with May 1 and 8 coming on the weekend. 🙁

  6. I need to move to Andorra – they have the right idea about holidays! When I was a little kid, businesses actually closed over the weekend and everyone was off, even in the US! Now, however, the powerful god, Commerce, holds sway in the land.

  7. Tanna, I miss them too – I think once one gets past the kids/work bit they just slip by.
    Scott, I’ve never made it this way before… I forget too
    Natashya, that was true of Minnesota, too. Still is!
    Maria, holidays are sacred. We could learn from that!
    Toni, illegal to work and impossible to shop!
    Azurienne, yes the overture exceptional – I’m seeing the signs
    Andorrans loved to make the bridge, too.
    Zoomie, I remember those days… it was nice… relaxing even.

  8. OMG, I am moving permanently to Andorra at the earliest possible opportunity!! I’m sure when we were there once (can’t rememebr if it was December or March though) there was an independence day parade too, and everything was closed?? Jokes aside, though, I do like a country where a holiday means a holiday. The UK/US idea of shopping our way through every single holiday because all the shops remain open is an abonimation…