Lettuce with Chevre (Goat Cheese) and Walnut; Mind meanderings; Weekly Menu — 7 Comments

  1. Can I toss with a salad spoon and fork, or must I use tongs? What if I don’t have salad tongs? Am I screwed? Oops, guess the sex reference got in the way here.

  2. Haha. Sometimes I force myself to sleep earlier just so I can avoid those questionable late night TV shows.

  3. Tanna, the goats were nibbling the wildflowers.
    Maria, I love summer salads… on the terrace, glass of something chilled.
    Jude, sometimes I’m not paying attention and look up and see… Well, you know….
    Jeanne, I have been totally… gobsmacked!

  4. Azurienne, you must use tongs… in something slinky – you in the something slinky, not the tongs