My Anniversary Gift; Menu of the week

Asparagus with Prosciutto and ChevreAsparaguschevre

 Happy Anniversary to me….

Happy Anniversary to me….

Happy Anniversary dear me….

Once again, mon mari managed to spend our wedding anniversary in hospital.

I can’t decide if he’s that serious about not buying me an anniversary gift; or if he’s just enjoying the attentions of all the cute young (female) interns too much.  (Think Grey’s Anatomy, but well coiffed and proper make-up… This IS France!)

I decided enough was enough.

I deserved something special for my our anniversary this year.

I’m more than capable of buying my own gifts.

Actually, if I do it myself, I’m guaranteed to get something I really like.

And I did.


What is it?



Crystal champagne flutes and a bottle of bubbly?


I stopped at my favorite store: Monsieur Bricolage.

There it was.

It was perfect.

A Black and Decker Electric Strimmer (weed whip).

Three feet long, lightweight, easy to handle… Perfect for me.

The one mon mari has is a six foot, heavy duty, gasoline powered monster.

If only it had come in lavender!

Why are power tool always bright orange?

Is the theory that, because most men are continually misplacing whatever it is they are using, the bright orange color would make it easier to find?

Wrong!  Our barn is awash in bright orange power tools, garden tools, whatever.  It’s blinding!

Can’t find a thing!

I’d show you a picture but I haven’t put it together yet.

Instead, drool over this:

Asparagus with Prosciutto and Chevre

Asparagus with Prosciutto & Chevre

12 asparagus spears thickness of a pen is best; 3″ (8cm) tips only
1/3 box (2oz, 60gr) soft chevre (goat cheese) (the little cartons of creamy goat cheese, 5oz (150gr)
Chavrie in the U.S., Chevraux in Europe)
1 tsp water
1 tbs snipped fresh basil substitute 1 tsp dried
1 tbs snipped fresh chives substitute 1 tsp dried
3 thin slices of dry-cured ham, Prosciutto, Serrano, Bayonne
olives for garnish optional

Snap off bottom ends of asparagus. If using white asparagus peel half way to tip. Cut off 3 inch (7.5cm) tips and put the rest of the stalks in water for another use. Bring a medium pan of water to boil and blanch the asparagus tips for 2 minutes if slender, 3 minutes if thick. Drain and rinse with cold water.
Snip/chop basil leaves (hint: I hold the leaves together and snip off with a scissors). Put chevre in small bowl, add 1 tsp water and the basil leaves. Stir to mix. Cut the ham in half the short way – you should have a slice that is about 2″ X 3″ (5cm X 7.5cm) – not important but you get the idea. Put a heaping teaspoonful of chevre mix on ham slice, add 2 asparagus spears so that half is sticking above the ham, and roll ham around bottom of asparagus and chevre so you have a little bundle with the asparagus tops sticking out the top. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Put 3 bundles on a plate, garnish with olives and serve.

Perfect for dinner parties – can be made a couple of hours ahead and refrigerated.


In addition to the above, for the week of May 29 we have Salmon with Warm Tomato Leek Salsa. Barbecued Sirloin Steak, Chicken Caesar Salad, Pork Chops with Ginger Barbecue Sauce and more….

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17 thoughts on “My Anniversary Gift; Menu of the week”

  1. Well, yes I’m a drooling and not for anything orange.
    I think I need some asparagus.
    Don’t you think he might enjoy some new shoes or jewelry on you as his anniversary gift. It’s a thought.

  2. You know what’s funny is that at the end of your post on my reader was an ad for a company selling diamond stud earrings. I’ll take that any day over a lawn tool.

  3. I thought I was the only woman on earth who got excited about power tools – and even I didn’t get myself that for an anniversary present! You go, girl!

  4. Those are tasty and adorable!
    And as for ton mari… it is too late to trade him in for two thirty year olds? (kidding! 🙂

  5. Tanna, He might like to see me in those earrrings I’ve had my eye on…. Also a thought…
    Ciaochowlinda, yep, those are the ones…
    Zoomie, sad what excites us these days.
    Natashya, I’ll check on Ebay.

  6. hmm hmm, this thing looks yummy, i bet you are a better cooker than my mother in law, she is not good at all.

  7. First of all, happy anniversary. You had me going there for a minute when you said you went to the Bricolage. I knew what it was and though it was an interesting choice for an anniversary present. My husband misplaces everything too.
    The asparagus with the prosciutto and goat cheese looks fabulous.

  8. I’ve only tasted real prociutto once (most of the prociutto sold nearby is really substandard) and from the look of the photo, you had the real deal. That asparagus/chevre/prociutto looks really good! …must find out where to get good prociutto before the asparagus season is over.

  9. Thanks, Ulrike – photo posted.
    Thanks, A.C. Hope you don’t tell your m-i-l that ;-))
    Sam, sometime I’ll post about the good one I bought me 5 years ago….. I’m not always well-behaved.
    Elizabeth, good luck – you’ll be glad you tried it (I hope)
    Claudia…. exactly! And thanks!
    Val, at least I can get it done… I hate leaving things half finished.
    Azurienne, I did. with wine…

  10. Oh! what a delicious looking anniversary gift! Maybe my greetings was too late but still, I wanna say Happy anniversary to you. Anyway, thanks for sharing the recipe for that Asparagus with Prosciutto & Chevre. It really look so delicious. I’ll try to make something like that this weekend. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing.

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