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  1. Ah, Katie, we’ve been gone too long. Apparently all anybody eats these days are baby carrots and baby spinach and who knows what else baby.
    I remember trying to find some kind of info on real food some time ago. Didn’t exist then, either. Not all that many recipes even call for real food.
    Wonderful society we live in. Thanks for your attempts to keep us all set with real, natural, actual food!

  2. People call you on your mobile phone because you divulge that you have one. I just lie, now, and tell them I don’t have one. Of course, they look at me like I’m from Mars when I say that – these days _everyone_ has a cell phone and everyone uses them ad nauseum, it would seem. I can’t help much with the carb count except to say, as a rule of thumb, if a food is white, or made with white ingredients, it’s high in carbs (rice, potatoes, flour, sugar, alcohol,) in short, all the things we like best…

  3. A lot of people use the mobile as their default phone, if you know what I mean. It’s no longer for an emergency or contingencies like away from home.
    What gets my goat is that increasingly, people seem to say I’ll call you back, I’m getting another call or I’ll call you back, my mobile’s ringing.

  4. Great measurements like that! When I bake an apple-pi.jpge I always wonder how much a cup of slices apples is, it all depends on how you slice’em and how you place them in the cup.
    Anyway if you still need to know.
    100 g raw carrots: 11 g Kcal, 1 g protein, 0 g fat, 2 g carbs, 0 mg cholesterol, 1 g fiber, 92 g water, 2 mg vit.c.
    If you need to know about other products, mail me a list and I’ll fill it in from my booklet with all that kind of information.

  5. Sigh…life is so complicated! I’m like you and really use my mobile phone when I’m out…and when I’m doing the calling. My daughter in Toronto, doesn’t have a land line, so when I call, my first question is always “where are you?” Crazy world.
    As for nutritional value…with at least 10 cookbooks with “Health or Healthy” in the title, you’d think I’d find something for you…nada, but you already knew that.
    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pasta though.

  6. I have the same hard time trying to find blood sugar stats on fresh foods. Each source seems to have a different idea.. like they all just guestimate. Carrots are good! No, carrots are bad! New potatoes are good! No, new potatoes are bad!….
    None of them can make up their minds.
    I do love pasta primavera.. even though I, too, like summer veggies in it!

  7. Katie, the American Diabetes Association has a useful website that may help you, including a chat function where you can ask a nutritionist questions about different foods. Here’s a link – hope it helps:

  8. Can’t you change your mobile service to NOT take messages? We have the most basic service on our mobile phone – it phones. No call display. No message service. No list of missed calls (other than simply the number of missed calls that are registered ONLY if the phone is turned on). The only message that is heard is the generic “customer you are calling is currently unavailable” when the phone is turned off (which is just about all the time)
    There is quite an extensive chart showing calorie counts for fruits and vegetables in the back of the paperback “The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Cookbook” produced by Celebrity Kitchen, Inc. The chart is a little annoying because it measures some things in terms of small or medium but it still would be useful.
    5-6 spears raw asparagus: 26calories 4gms carbohydrates
    2/3c cooked asparagus: 20calories 4gms carbohydrates
    2/3 c peas, green, cooked or fresh: 71calories 12gms carbohydrates
    (snowpeas aren’t listed)
    1/2 c cooked tomato: 26calories 6gm carbohydrates
    1 large empty shell of a raw green pepper: 22calories 5gms carbohydrates
    (red peppers aren’t listed; perhaps they’re the same as green?)
    I’m afraid I’m too lazy to continue with the calculations to figure out how many calories in your delicious sounding pasta primavera salad though.
    The book is available on Amazon for as little as a couple of dollars (before shipping) It’s also listed at

  9. I used to use my mobile only for emergencies. Didn’t turn it on otherwise. But little by little, it has taken over, and I now rely on it for all my long distance calls. (I don’t have long distance on my land line.) I have to agree with zoomie – don’t tell anyone you have a mobile phone. Lie through your teeth! It’s none of their business, anyway.
    As for the nutritional value of different foods, the best advice I can give is to figure the averages. If you get a number for a particular brand of carrot, you can figure that your carrots are more or less the same. Baby carrots are those things they sell in bags here – the are actually larger carrots which are cut and peeled and made to look small and pretty – all by machine. I would figure about 3 or 4 of them to equal one “normal” carrot.
    As for the junk food – read it and weep! 😉

  10. You can usually find the nutritional counts for a lot of natural food at (just click add a food and search, then use the “See nutritional info” link at the bottom. Their recipe area is also handy, if a bit cumbersome, because you can build your own recipes and it will give you the nutritional counts for all the ingredients.

  11. Azurienne, I can understand small and tender… But ‘baby’ seems such a waste, and the few things I’ve had weren’t that good.
    Zoomie, so if I drink red wine (not white) it’s low in carbs? I like this…
    Sra, I hate that – as if they think someone ‘better’ might be calling them.
    Thanks, Lien. And about the cups and spoons… I have an ‘official’ cup but my British friends just use any old coffee cup
    Ruth, my mother got very upset when I called her from my car – ‘Can’t you take the time to sit and talk to your mother?’
    Natashya there are more opinions then there are people who know anything….
    Thanks, Zoomie, it looks good,, Bookmarked!
    Elizabeth,Thanks for all the info. And explain to the French that I don’t want every possible service? Not possible… Why wouldn’t I want that? Maybe I’d like this instead… Nope, can’t be done (I’ve tried)
    Toni, I use Skype for almost everything, even local calls – which we have to pay for. That’s why the baby carrots look so weird.
    Thanks, Tigerfish.
    Thanks for the link, Michelle… I’m getting lots of good stuff.
    Jeanne, the plain old – that’s what I want…Thanks!

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