Pasta Primavera with Tuna; play nice with your phone! — 7 Comments

  1. Ah the dilemma of modern technology…we want it when we want it and don’t want it around (for anyone) when we don’t!
    So I promise not to talk on the phone (or watch tv, for that matter) while I eat your awesome looking pasta. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  2. Call waiting is one of those things that drives me nuts. When people put you on hold for no apparent reason other then take the other call, it’s like saying “you’re not important enough.” urggh. but the pasta looks great.

  3. love all your food ideas they get my mind thinking and I love that! as for the phone technology issues…personally I hate it when people do those kind of things to me. MOST of the time I may glance at whomever is calling but continue with the person I am currently talking with. There are only TWO people who trump the current person my MOM and my boss! And NO ONE trumps my Mom!If I am expecting a call from a doctor I may ask the person if I can put them on hold for a second or call them back. I find it VERY rude when people do otherwise with me.

  4. Tana, it WOULD be good for breakfast….
    Ruth, after years in business I just lost interest in ‘chatting’ on the phone.
    Ciaochowlinda, I also hate caller ID – esp since when I’m in the US I don’t have an ID to identify and people won’t answer their phones… or maybe they know….
    Zoomie, Great minds….
    Gayle, ok. there’s a use for call ID
    Thanks, Food Hunter