Potatoes with Prosciutto, Olives, Green Garlic and Thyme; A place to lay my head — 13 Comments

  1. My my, you are such a neat mover. My rooms never looked that good when I moved. The potato recipe with the prosciutto sounds really good. I’m not familiar with the green garlic. Think I could substitute regular garlic? Beautiful photo of the dish by the way.

  2. Pictures sometimes do lie, but I can see the beauty of what will be. Paper chef sounds like fun. I may join. Your dish looks so tasty.

  3. Hokey toot! I bought some prosciutto this past week for an appetizer and nearly cried….it was $9 for 5 oz!!!!That’s over $27 per pound! It would have to be REALLY special for me to buy it again! Tho those potatoes look awfully yummy….
    Ooh! I would just be so happy to be out of the hall, I wouldn’t care about the boxes either!

  4. Your bed looks like you could just curl up on it and devour a whole bowl of this yummy potato/prosciutto comfort food. If you had a book or your computer screen in front of your eyes you wouldn’t even notice the view. P.S. I agree with my carolina kitchen. You are such a neat mover. If I didn’t already like you I’d have to seriously dislike you for your uber-organisedness. It’s intimidating.

  5. Going to check out paper chef because it sounds like a great idea.
    The potato dish sounds awesome and I love all those flavors. Nicely done!

  6. The new and improved bed looks much better – it’s all about a good night’s sleep! The potatoes sound delish!

  7. Sleeping together is such a pleasure – cosier, warmer, friendlier. Big improvement. Oh, and those spuds look awesome!

  8. Your home is looking great~it is so much fun to see what you are doing in the house and how things are progressing. How in the world are you finding the time to cook all those delicious meals? What a great combination of foods!

  9. Ho, cool … a Paper chef!! Potatoes and prosciutto and olives that’s got to be a winner on my plate!!
    I’d love the bed! much better than the hall. If you get tired of the scenery you can go back to the hall for a night ;o)

  10. My caroline kitchen… Neat mover?!?! You ought to see the barn…. Substitute green onion and a bit of regular garlic. Green garlic is quite mild, not sharp at all.
    Penny, it takes imagination – and someone who has done it, to see anything at all.
    Cindy, but you don’t need very much – and you can use a less expensive dry-cured ham (I do) It’s a treat!
    African Vanielje, that does sound nice… a rainy day, a good book, Larry the Lizard watching me… As above, you should see the barn.
    Thanks, Jeff. This was my first time – it was fun!
    Cate, all about a good nights sleep – will you come explain that to the dogs? We left them in the hall and they’re not happy.
    Zoomie, yes, it’s ever so much better!
    Jann, if only I could wave the wand and see it finished.
    Tanna, gee thanks…. We left the beds for just that reason – nostalgia!
    Kitchen Pans, always eat garlic with someone you love.