Spring Greens Salad with Ham and Asparagus; the Lawn — 9 Comments

  1. Before you use the machete on that poor snake, think of all the rodents he probably has kept from entering that same hole! He’s your friend, even if he does startle you a bit.

  2. I had to check and rechekck if this was the same place/lawn. It can’t be can it. You two did an amazing job!

  3. Wow ~what a transformation! It is so beautiful! What are you going to do about that snake~I do not care for snakes, one bit! Now if you were living in a jungle somewhere and hungry, I bet we would see a casserole with snake in it! God forbid, just teasing here. I do not like snakes……period! Can’t wait to see more photos of this wonderful transformation you are doing….cheers!

  4. You are the perfect team! Did you end up like Chaplin in Modern Times? Were you able to get your salad done with that automatic arms movement? He, he, just kiding!
    I would not share my space with snakes… maybe you could make a good rice out of it ;D

  5. Tanna, the machete was for the lawn. The snake is way to fast…
    Zoomie, that would be startle me a LOT!
    Lien, and it’s just the beginning… but it looks so much better.
    Jann, I’ll take snakes over spiders any day… Course they usually don’t come in the house… Usually.
    Thanks, Meredith…
    Nuria, I felt like that after all the raking

  6. Yikes – a snake in your cellar! You have my sympathy – growing up in South Africa, it seemed we were always dealign with some sort of snake emergency, which probably explains my recurring “Snakes in the house” nightmare!! The transformation of your lawn is amazing 🙂

  7. Jeanne, I’m told I can call the fire department for removal, but it was just a grass snake, and I hope, he just went out a lower door… I hope…