Salmon Patties with Tarter Sauce; our house with a buzz-cut — 11 Comments

  1. Wow, what a difference. I hope the snakes are gone.
    And mmm, those salmon patties look good.

  2. Your views are so lovely they could be paintings. The top one particularly!
    I’m glad you have it all cut back now. It’s really coming together!

  3. Everything is coming together beautifully. We are making progress too. The salmon cakes look delicious.

  4. I love fish, pretty much any fish – I guess I’d even eat the fish sticks but I never want the tarter sauce, just lemon please . . . and onion rings, oh yes please, plain please.

  5. If I start living vicariously through this site, you’ll forgive me for disappearing. I will disappear from jealousy!
    Seriously, I very much enjoy these updates to your homesite. I think the combination of these updates with your recipes is intriguing and always interesting to read. It’s as if recipes and concepts of eating develop out of the development of your land.
    And, of course, it must be a lot of fun, too. (Yes, I own a home and know of what “fun” is, and what it is supposed to be. Lawn mowers and men with rakes were not part of the equation, I imagined, but it has turned out to be so here, too.) Funny how home ownership changes one’s concept of fun, nes pas?
    /waiting for the book (with recipes and pictures, please)

  6. Looks like you’re making progress! The salmon cakes look great, salmon is one of my favorite fishes.

  7. Wow Katie, this is a real make-over, It’s beautiful there now you can see something! Not funny that there are so many snakes, but they will flee to the trees of the neighbour I think.
    Love those fish patties!

  8. Yay! Looking real good! Both the trimmed fish and fields. Kudos for winning the mulch battle (picture a perfect hiding place for unwanted creatures).

  9. Ah, you have “ronce” (blackberry brambles), too. At least yours isn’t all in your face. Sigh. And big roots grow big vines amazingly fast. Sigh. Nasty stuff, that.

  10. Poppy Fields, me too. I don’t mind the grass snakes, but the vipers…..
    Thanks, Tracy. I hope I can keep it up!
    Penny, thanks… I have to come see what you’re doing!
    Tanna, I like lemon… and butter on my fish. Tarter sauce is for the sticks.
    TikiPundit, yes, fun is totally redefined when one is restoring a house… or just owning one. Thanks for the kind words.
    Sara, we’re inching along.
    Lien, it is nice to be able to see what we bought, finally.
    Baking Soda, Yikes! I didn’t even think of that!!!!
    Thanks, Marie
    azurienne, I rather like the blackberries…. but the ronce… I had a ronce lined path in the Vendee, which was fine.