Shrimp, Avocado and Olive Pasta; Green Bean Casserole — 8 Comments

  1. Gracious green bean casserole dish – I don’t have one but I know many in my family with one, even two such dishes. It is what is is and anything else added or removed is NOT green bean casserole!
    What is it with shrimp? I keep craving it lately, or is it I just love the easy and speed it will cook ;o) well and that it’s just great tasting after that easy and speedy.

  2. I’ve had the infamous GBC, and it is not one of my favs! I love the pasta dish! Thanks for submitting it to PPN this week!

  3. Tanna, I would not sully your ears with what my family called what I made… Shrimp are easy… especially when someone else cleans them.
    patsyk, maybe it would be better with Cream of Chicken Soup (just kidding) Thank you and your welcome.

  4. I just knew your view would be stunning when you first posted the pictures of your new home! And it truly is! Lucky you! Any plans to invite fellow food bloggers to come enjoy it with you? 🙂

  5. Hmmm, ignorance is bliss. I’ve never had green bean casserole with Campbell’s soup. And I’ve only once had it with tinned French Fried Onions. I wonder what true GBCers would think of our version that doesn’t use Campbell’s soup OR tinned French Fried Onions. We make a mushroom flavoured bechamel AND we also fry onions in olive oil til caramelized and add a bit of flour to crisp them up. Ha! We adore it! No doubt we’d be disallowed from any true GBCer’s house though.
    Mmmmm, shrimp and avocado….
    What is the difference between Greek olives and green olives? Aren’t they both green?

  6. Frankly…I’ll take your version any day and skip the Campbell’s all together.
    Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights. And what a glorious view!

  7. Zoomie, do you mow?
    Jann, sit and pass the time… Now, that is a nice thought!
    Elizabeth, ignorance is, indeed, bliss. Greek olives are the dry-cured black ones – kind of shriveled looking, packed in jars or cans with no brine.
    Ruth, it’s been years since anything Campbell’s has passed my lips,