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Taco Salad, a la Française; Don’t tell him he was right…. — 7 Comments

  1. I have a huge rack in the garage full of “stuff” I rarely, if ever, use. Bundt pan, jumbo muffin tin, ice cream maker,….BUT I DON’T HAVE NEAR THE ‘STUFF’ YOU HAVE!!! (tho I think I would use the juicer…nah, forget it)
    On the other hand, I think I WILL keep the French taco salad recipe!

  2. Well, keep the angel food cake pan, I’ll make one when I come. Oh and keep the Spanish tortilla maker, probably the babes will make tortillas one day.
    For sure keep the French taco salad! Looks lovely.
    Was he grumpier today? or getting comfy?

  3. Never heard of a corn cob pan?? You can throw that out with the pasta cooker, I’ve seen many gorgeous pasta-dishes here without you having used it, so you don’t really need it… probably…i think… ah but once you have it you cán use it…once it’s gone the craving starts that you need it.
    I know it, but on the other hand, some might spurr your mind to make something in it. And baking gear; don’t throw it out, wearing panties and all, you never know what there is to come!!

  4. Ha, ha, ha… fun! You’ve got so many kitchen tools!!! I’m starting my collection now and only have a cutting machine for embutidos and my dough machine, but I’m afraid I’m following your steps ;D

  5. I’ve been considering that a pasta cooker with a strainer might be useful. Then I could re-use the water the pasta had cooked in instead of throwing it down the drain.
    And not long ago, we were thinking how useful an Angel Food cake pan would be. And I’ve always secretly wanted a bundt cake pan….
    I also don’t have most of the things you listed.
    Dibs on the following when you realize that you really don’t want them cluttering up your beautiful new kitchen anymore: stainless steel nesting bowls, sausage maker, ravioli press, tortilla maker
    I don’t need the rest of the things though. I don’t really have quite enough room in the area that I’ll be hiding those potentially useful items from my husband. He’d have a conniption if he knew I was even considering adding even one more item that I won’t use every day… errmmmmm… ever….
    (Would you like some scallop shells for when you make Coquilles St. Jacques? I have 6 that have hardly been used – I believe that only two of them have been used once each in the more than 20 years I’ve had them…)

  6. I am hanging my head in shame with you! I have two bookcases in the kitchen, threatening to topple over at any moment, covered with cookbooks, tea and cooking tools. There is an entire cupboard in the kitchen, drawer and all, devoted to cooking gadgets and special baking pans. The rest is in the pantry because they are too big for the shelves in the kitchen, which already house: a bread machine, mixers, sake cups and server (in case I decide to start drinking it), canning pot, cheese dome (never used), one of those huge metal cones for making tomato sauce and such, a waffle maker… We ought to all devote a post on our blogs of our most obscene kitchen tools 🙂
    I refuse to take the sole blame in the house, though. OK, so I bought two enormous pizza peels, 4 flan dishes, 2 more ramekins, and a cookie cutter in the last three weeks — not an addict, really! My husband is just as guilty; he bought a potato slicer for making french fries over a month ago and has yet to use it.

  7. Cindy, everything had a purpose… once. And got used… once
    Tanna, I have actually baked bread in the Angel Food Cake pan.
    Lien, in the US, people take their corn on the cob seriously…. But this was too much!
    Nuria, it starts slowly… watch out!
    Elizabeth, I do my shopping alone, and unpacking alone. I hate it when he won’t leave after I come back from the store…. I’ll trade you my 6 fondue plates (and 97 fondue forks) for the scallop shells. And give up my nesting bowls?????
    Cymry, the problem is having a pantry. I’ve had one in my last two houses. Now I don’t. It’s way too easy to tuck stuff into a pantry!