Tuna and Chevre Omelet; It’s a Kitchen!!! — 9 Comments

  1. I’m in awe of the kitchen and the tomato and I don’t know which I’m more in awe of.
    Yes, things in boxes DO multiply, it’s a proven fact in my book.
    I think we could all use a little more “blissful ignorance”.

  2. Whoohoooo!! Congratulations on almost finishing with the unpacking!
    I couldn’t be more envious of those tomatoes! I suppose you have dill and/or fennel growing wild just outside the door too? Ooooooh, think of the open-face tomato dill sandwiches you can have on your very own crusty bread once the oven is hooked up again.
    (Just curious, have you come across my blue handled scissors and the half bottle of Scotch yet? That Scotch is REALLY well aged now. It was 12 year old at the time of our move just over 20 years ago.)

  3. I love the tile on the backsplash! It’s gorgeous!
    And that omelet doesn’t look too bad either!

  4. What a great kitchen~you are going to have so much fun cooking! A perfect meal to celebrate ……what a beautiful tomato!!

  5. Hylarious!!!! I remember when I went through the unpakaging process… years ago (13)!!! We had some boxes in the living room that became fix statues 😀
    Those tomatoes look tremendous! Bon appetite 😀

  6. Ha! I want my bank account to “be fruitful and multiply”!!! I know what you mean tho….is there EVER enough room for all our kitchen stuff? I don’t care how big my kitchen would be…I think I would just add more “stuff’ till I didn’t have any extra room.

  7. I say ” No more boxes!” when David brings in more after I have made the kitchen functional. I think I have to do the same with the clothes I have forgotten about after my closet is full. Your kitchen is beautiful and so are the tomatoes. Hope there will be the two of you eating together soon. Cooking for one is no fun.

  8. Tanna, pick the tomato – it was really, really good.
    Elizabeth, still no sign of the scissors. I found a bottle of port tucked into a boot. I’ll keep looking for the scotch. Shall I drink it for you too?
    Thanks, Kate… On both counts.
    Jann, someday, sigh…
    Nuria, I’m at the point where I don’t want to know what’s in the rest of the boxes…
    Cindy, why do we do this to ourselves? (’cause it’s fun?)
    Penny, we should just unpack until we have enough and throw away the rest, unopened. (as if I could)

  9. Thank you for checking, Katie. Please do help yourself to a wee dram. And of course, use the scissors once or twice as well. As I recall (memory getting more and more dim) the blue handles fit perfectly and the blades were particularly good for chive cutting.