Adult Cheeseburgers; mouse in the house; Weekly Menu — 10 Comments

  1. That is a real adult burger that looks great! I am LOL, reading about your mouse. You must read my short blog today regarding that is happening in America with cruelty to animals. 🙂

  2. I guess you can’t teach the dogs to be mousers? Would it be safe to introduce a couple of non-feral cats? OR you could find someone like the vegan mice mind manipulator hired by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall when he had mice overrunning his English country cottage kitchen. She came and with some sort of rather bizarre ceremony, ASKED the mice to move outside… (apparently, they did!!)
    We had hamburgers the other night and FORGOT to add fried mushrooms! But we did add grilled eggplant and goat’s cheese…. We put the burger patties on knotted rolls – Babes’ recipe that you MUST make if you haven’t already.
    Remind me to make more hamburger buns. We neeeeeed adult hamburgers again.

  3. Outside … outside … BBQ and mice belong outside. Yes, indeed.
    I know I was the louder squeak when I had a mouse run over my foot years ago … maybe that was more a full scream.
    We need a new grill.

  4. Sauteed mushrooms are one of the best burger toppings. I don’t know why I have never tried topping a burger with runny Brie or goat cheese but they both sound great!

  5. What you are facing is entropy – all things attempting to return to their natural state. We humans build up and clear in the never ending hope that we will succeed in making the world the way we want it. But it is a losing battle. Sorry. I am married to an engineer specializing in thermodynamics and this is the kind of thing I hear all of the time. On a brighter note the hamburgers look wonderful!

  6. Susan, I read it – unbelievable…..
    Elizabeth, we ASKED ours to move – a little more forcefully, perhaps. We have helped 2 move since the post.
    Tanna, I understand them moving in during winter – but this is summer! Get out and enjoy it!
    Kevin, I love runny, smelly cheese!
    Sara, cheeseburgers are the best part of summer
    Penny, yeah, I know – don’t fence me in and all that…sigh….

  7. The fact that you are living in eutopia where all creatures live unharmed and not part of the food chain is a perfect picture to me until I am startled by something in my path. The slab of brie/goat cheese on top of this burger makes me want to have burgers for dinner:D

  8. My green stops with ant powder and mice poison. There is no other way for compatibility. I’m currently worried about that blur of an unwelcomed tail I’m sure I saw running around the couch the other day. Five cats don’t seem to deter the critters. That can of tasty pellets usually seems to do the job, tho. Eventually.

  9. Val, I’m much better intellectually – then in reality.
    Azurienne, we caught 2 of the little gray critters. Unfortunately, they died before we could relocate them…