Brown Rice and Spinach Pilaf; MY toys….

Brown Rice and Spinach PilafBrown_rice_spinach

 For some reason, mon mari is less than enthusiastic about me playing with his toys using his tools than one could expect, given the circumstances.

Someone has to mow the grass, after all.

I certainly wouldn’t be concerned about him using anything in my kitchen! (After I hid my good crepe and omelet pans…. He has a hard time grasping the ‘wooden spoon not a sharp metal spatula’ concept)

He claims I was mean to Izzy last year.

Izzy is our little gasoline-powered hand mower.

Yes, she has a name.

Apparently, I abused her when she  was left in my care.  She’s responsible for doing the trim and the tricky places the big riding mower won’t go.

He also accused me of abusing the big riding mower.

How can you abuse a lawn mower?  One turns it on and mows.

I do know enough to not to try to mow down stumps…. Give me some credit.

Well, big stumps, anyway.  I figure the little, skinny ones are, really, just like thick brambles.

Although, I did hit one hard enough today to almost flip me over the top.  The tractor balked… wouldn’t go over it.  We came to an amazingly quick stop…The tractor stopping just a little more quickly than I did.

It was when  I was proudly bragging to mon mari about how I was almost done mowing the brambles that I was told (calmly) about how much damage I could do to the mower and didn’t I have any sense and that is what the big monster weed whip (which has a big monster cutting blade) was for.

How was I to know?

I thought these damn things were indestructible!


I did have to have our neighbor come and put some belt or other back on when I stopped (was stopped) mowing the brambles.

The good news is I am no longer terrified that I’m going to fall off or tip over when I’m on the hills.

That’s probably also the bad news….

He bought me the bright, orange Flymo for my very own a few weeks ago.

He said it would be easier for me to use.

I think He just wanted to protect Izzy

I haven’t broken it yet.

I bought me the bright orange Strimmer (weed whip) leaning on the tractor.

I may have abused that… But only a little.  I ran out of the plastic line thingy after I did the part around the fence…

The green stick leaning on the tractor / mower is what I use to unclog all the brambles and crap that get stuck in the chute thingy.  Yes, I turn the mower off first.

So, over 2 days, I spent 8 hours bouncing around the, very rough, field on the big tractor, mowing, an hour with the little Flymo doing the difficult bits in the actual lawn, 30 minutes with the strimmer until I ran out of line.

The part I really hate…. I’ll have to do it all again next week.  There really is no justice!

I also spent 5 hours planting my vegetable garden.  At least that will produce food!

Someone, who shall remain nameless, had the audacity to ask ‘what I did with myself all day’ with mon mari not here….

When it was too dark to mow I finished unpacking the kitchen.

Someone else, who shall also remain nameless, once mentioned that brown rice was, hmm, in her opinion, less than palatable.  If you think so, try this….

Brown Rice and Spinach Pilaf

Brown Rice and Spinach Pilaf

1/2 cup brown rice
1 cup beef stock
2 medium carrots
1 medium onion
2oz (60gr) spinach
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp marjoram
2 tsp oil

Cook rice in beef stock according to package directions.
Roughly chop the carrots and onion.  Heat oil in a medium skillet.  Add carrots and onions, sauté until tender. 
Pick through spinach, discarding any damaged leaves. Wash and drain well. Slice any  very large leaves.
When rice is done, add it to the skillet, along with the spinach, soy sauce and marjoram.  Cook, stirring, just until the spinach starts to wilt.  Serve.

Now I have to go walk the dogs… At least I can walk them in my own, freshly cut, 3acre field!

10 thoughts on “Brown Rice and Spinach Pilaf; MY toys….”

  1. Hey!! Are you talking to me?!
    Okay, okay, I’ll try brown rice again. But I’m really not sure about this. However, your pilaf does look awfully good. (I’m not a big fan of cooked carrots either… who me? Picky??)
    Ah, doesn’t freshly mown grass smell wonderful? Especially when you’ve done it yourself? And congratulations on getting your vegetable garden planted! Just curious though, what did you do in your spare time today?

  2. And, where in the world do you find time to cook?Keep the mower away from the newly planted garden! Just kidding! I used to mow our yard, now much too hot in Florida to do it. Maybe if I had a sit down machine, I could do it~

  3. I leave the mowing to Farmboy, he leaves the gardening to me. Somehow, I am certain, he has the easier job!
    And I love brown rice….nice, nutty flavor.

  4. Brown rice is wonderful, but I need to learn how to cook it better so it’s not soggy.
    You’re doing an awesome job of keeping it all together while ton mari heals. Someday he’ll realize that.

  5. They really are bright red and orange 😉
    Makes me want to put a few of those in our yard but I think your grouping would about fill our yard.
    On the other hand I love brown rice and think your rice is awesome. Lynn needs a rice cooker.

  6. Which machine did you use on the brambles? The big riding thing or the Flymo? I cut ours with a hedge trimmer. I would think any strong mower should work.
    Men are very protective of their toys. They don’t realize that we actually take better care of theirs than they do of ours. Silly creatures.
    Rice cookers are a cook’s best friend. The clamped on lid kind. Dump it in, wait for it to beep, and perfections comes out. It’s even better when you learn that you can cook a zillion other things in it besides rice. It’s wonderful for dried beans.

  7. First husband and I had “his and hers” matching lawn mowers for our 2 acre lawn and we spent every summer Friday evening mowing the lawn together. Man, am I ever glad that part of my life is over! 🙂

  8. Not what I was picturing when I followed the link that said “My Toys”…
    We are big fans of brown rice, especially mixed with a little wild or red rice. Most especially since I got a good rice cooker and now it always comes out perfect.
    I love the spinach in here, a great addition.
    And hooray for veggie garden!!
    Now you will have tomatoes to throw at whomever is questioning your days. (only throw the split ones, of course..)
    I can barely keep up with my teeny tiny itty bitty plot of land.

  9. Elizabeth, you know I am…
    Val, so would I – but I play in the kitchen after dark – which isn’t until after 10.
    Jann, I no longer buy the ‘mowing is such hard work’ b
    Cindy, he does… And I’ll be so happy when mine is back in the saddle, er, mower again.
    Lynn, I’m thinking about a rice cooker – so easy, I’m told
    Tanna, me too. ‘Still Life on Lawn’
    Azurienne, I definitely want a rice cooker. My friend uses hers for oatmeal (porridge) too. I used the big riding one – until I was told to stop. Hedge trimmer – good idea.
    Zoomie, I don’t think it’s fun – fortunately mon mari does.
    Natashya, now what I would hope for if given a choice, either.

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