Gardening, part 3: Compost; Fried Green Beans — 6 Comments

  1. Fresh green beans in the summer are such a delight.
    We have a good composting program in Ontario, whatever compostables you don’t want get picked up by the city.

  2. Love the paper towel idea! I’ve heard of using shredded paper for mulch (and really should try it myself), but have been burning used paper towel, up until now.
    We use a 55 gallon plastic drum for composting. My husband drilled holes into the bottom and put it up on cinder blocks for ventilation. No smell…until you start to move it down to the garden in Spring. The only scraps I’ve had trouble composting are corn cobs — they will break down, but it seems to take more than a year.

  3. We’ve been composting for years and it has paid off. We live in the mountains. Soil is rocky and clay but with compost it becomes like sweet Louisiana soil. It is also a good reminder of the cycle of life that we are a part of.

  4. If I ever get my life back in order, composting is one of my goals! Someday.
    The beans look great! I have some growing in the garden but they’re tiny right now.

  5. Natashya, great program… We don’t even get trash picked up here… Must drive it ourselves.
    Cymry, yeah corn cobs are tough… and the paper towels – only the pure white ones.
    rivrpath, I know that environment… Our soil in the Vendee was hard, hard clay – to start.
    Kalyn, your house is going to be soooo gorgeous! Composting can wait…

  6. the sunflower in the picture is very funny. it’s a survivor! 🙂