Garlic Lover’s Pasta; Vocabulary-Free? — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve found the same thing with French-English-French translations… there are some words that just don’t go both ways. I make the most of my situation by using the word I want, regardless of the language, but it makes me wonder how much I’m missing by being only bilingual…

  2. I really like that fresh garlic looks like an apple when cut into. (rrrr, can I end my sentence with “into”? I don’t think so. Oh, why oh why did you have to rant about language and grammar, or lack thereof?)
    I must say, I’m surprised that today’s teenagers have that many words in their vocabulary. Or do the studies include “LOL” and “IMO” as words?

  3. Mzny years ago I attended a Garlic Festival where I was offered what I thought was a little dish of macadamia nuts. Not a great fan of any nuts, I tried them, and they were better than I expected, and (you guessed it) they were fresh garlic cloves. Very delicious.
    Love this blog.
    God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

  4. Tanna, this was a real treat… Mon mari didn’t want to test his innards with that much garlic – so I had to eat most of his too….
    Emiglia, language is a thing of wonder… I wish I knew lots.
    Elizabeth, I believe they are included, along with ‘yr’ (I hate trying to spell without vowels)
    Food Hunter – have a bite
    Christine, a Garlic Festival? Makes my little heart go pitter-patter