Presto Pasta Nights; the Round-Up! — 15 Comments

  1. Fantastic roundup this week! Thanks all for the great contributions.
    Special thanks to our wonderful host for putting it all together. Great job!

  2. I must be out of my mind! I made the foolish error of coming in here shortly before lunch. And now I want to have ALL of those dishes! Excellent round-up, Katie.

  3. One of thebest thing about friday is looking forward to theroundup to see all the dleicous pasta dishes, it makes me want to eat pasta everyday.Thankyou for hosting.

  4. What a great roundup! I just don’t know where to begin. Perhaps with your tuna pasta…

  5. Wow! What a wealth of fantastic and delicious-looking pasta dishes this week! Thank you so much for hosting!
    Now for the hard part… which dish to choose to make first!

  6. I am in pasta heaven! It all looks so wonderful, now I know that noodles await for dinner…