Salmon with Tarragon Tomato Salsa; the cabinets — 10 Comments

  1. YES I like!
    Then: I understand/know the rules of compost but a city yard 20×20 doesn’t give me much space.
    Love fried green beans.
    Your salmon looks/sounds divine.
    The bathroom window should work out wonderfully. Really look forward to the ‘after’.

  2. I really do like the cupboards! It really has come along quite nicely, in spite of the hospitalization setbacks!
    The fish looks great, and the salsa sounds like a good fit. I have not had tarragon with fish, only chicken, so I am going to give this a try.

  3. Gut Ding will Weile haben is a German saying, so it takes its time to get a perfect result.
    Your dish looks great

  4. Tanna, so am I!, thanks…
    Val, I can’t wait… but I must, sigh…
    Cindy, tarragon goes soooo well with fish!
    Ulrike, lots of time… I’m learning patience.
    Penny, I’ll pass that along

  5. The cabinet is gorgeous! I want to reach out and touch it’s satiny finish. My husband made the cabinet doors to our house in New Mexico, so I know how long it takes. The good news? It will be done, and your kitchen will be special, because it will truly be your own – unlike anyone else’s.
    And the salmon looks lovely…..

  6. The cabinet looks beautiful…..hmmm nice gift to my wife n imagine she will give me a yummy Slightly Smoked Salmon with Tomato Tarragon Salsa