The Kitchen, phase 2; vote on the cabinets; Salad with Tuna, Ananas Tomatoes and White Beans — 19 Comments

  1. your kitchen is absolutely fantastic – i love its homely look. i hate dusting too, so i was a bit worried when i first saw the door-less shelves. but i was a tad relieved to see the curtains below.

  2. Your kitchen looks wonderful. I voted for varnished and stained cabinets. I think, in this kitchen, you would like it better.

  3. Nice kitchen!
    In my opinion, the decision re cabinets depends on the light in the room. I don’t see any windows in these pics – if you don’t have a lot of natural light , then I would go with white.

  4. What a cute wonderful little kitchen it has such a nice lived in vibe. i vote the varnished stained look it will just pull it all togther. and man those tomatoes look so amazing wish i planted mine this year.

  5. definitely go with the wood. maybe match the chopping block/island wood? that would be cohesive…

  6. Katie, I have a solution. Do the bottom cabinets stained and the top cabinets in white. Mix it up a little bit so it doesn’t all look the same. Whatever you do the kitchen is beautiful and I love the temporary curtains.

  7. I will explain my vote for the white cabinets….
    When Farmboy built our home 7 years ago, I picked out nearly everything. And he had no problem with that. All he wanted was the mission style oak cabinets. I wanted a buttery yellow finish. How could I say ‘No” to his one request? So we went with the oak cabinets. I regret it every day. I should have said no. Nicely. I spend far more time in the kitchen than he does. And I really wanted those buttery yellow cabinets. Too late.

  8. Oh now, that’s just mean! You have your own garden tomatoes too?!
    Your kitchen is looking beautiful!! I’m assuming that the blue curtain cupboards will have doors too? I voted for wood rather than glossy white but I’m waffling now. It would make the kitchen so bright if it were white. But with the wood, it would be so warm. And how nice will that be when the Mistral is howling?
    What about a compromise of not quite so dark a stain on the wood? So you can have the lightness AND warmth? Or would that not work at all?
    (I’m trying to remember to forget about pasta but I can’t promise anything)

  9. I like Penny’s idea of white above and wood below but, if I were queen, I’d do white above and keep the charming curtains, unless they are a pain in the neck to use/clean. It’s all about light with me – if there’s enough natural light, add more! 🙂

  10. Love the kitchen and I had to go with the stained. Something about that makes me so jealous mostly because right now I am stuck with white and sick of it.
    I agree there is no such thing as to many tomatoes!

  11. I’m amazed at the transformation of this room. When I think of the photos you posted of “before”, these pics make my jaw drop!
    Now, as for the vote…I’ve lived with a kitchen with too much stained wood and it gets gloomy. But yours seems to have lots of white in it. Not all the ceiling appears to be wood – I think I’m seeing some white up there as well. And that which is wood isn’t dark wood – it looks light. So I’d have to go with the stained and varnished wood – as long as the stain isn’t dark. My current kitchen has natural maple cabinet doors, and they are light colored wood – warm, inviting and not gloomy at all.

  12. Glossy white! Just to set off the floor and the open cabinets. I’d love to see a combination and yes I agree with the others about the light in the kitchen.

  13. I think stained wood is always easier to take care of than painted wood. However, I am swayed a bit by the idea to mix it up with stained cabinets below and white above. The kitchen is really coming along nicely, and actually either would look great!

  14. I didn’t vote yet because I am thinking a two-tone color scheme might be nice…like all white or all stained for the bottom and a mix of both on top… otherwise, I’d go with the white…

  15. You can never have enough light. Make sure the total appearance isn’t too dark. Beutiful kitchen! rivrpath

  16. Is there any possibility of white with some wood trim? To tie in the open cabinet with the jugs and attractive bowls (love that pitcher(?) shaped like a ptarmigan).

  17. Thanks, everyone, for all the great input. We have modified our plan – light and dark wood with more glass doors letting the white interiors show through…. No, we hope!