Tales of Two Tuna Salads; the vote and the plan — 7 Comments

  1. Both tuna salads sound delicious! I haven’t had that in a long, long time! Think I’ll make it for tonight’s dinner.
    Oh, and if you decide on the sunken panels – if it’s dusty where you live (even after renovation is complete), those raised parts will be dust catchers…

  2. Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will be lovely. I love the idea of the contrasting stains.
    As for the tuna salad, both sound great…one traditional, one not so much. I could scarf down either one!

  3. Katie I forgot you were hosting … and this is Thursday for only 30 minutes longer. Totally strange though we had pasta for dinner tonight which we don’t very often.

  4. Your kitchen is working it’s way to spectacular! Thanks for sharing the results of the poll.
    And thanks for sharing 2 tasty tuna treats….okay, not really poetry, but it does roll off the tip of the tongue.
    Even more…thanks for hosting Presto Pasta Nights.

  5. Zoomie, sigh, I know about the dust…. But if you don’t mess with it it’s not really noticeable.
    Susan, thanks – enjoy the salads.
    Cindy, I ate them both – by myself!
    Tanna, mon mari has allowed it to be served all week – too much in hospital – 2 stains for the indecisive.
    Ruth, welcome as always….