Tomato and Herb Orzo; Running with the Bulls — 7 Comments

  1. That is the most beautiful orzo EVER! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights and…I’m excited about that huge window of opportunity you have next week. Can’t wait to see YOUR roundup.

  2. Heaven forbid that you should actually have a period of simple navel contemplation! ;-D No bullrunners among my friends or family, I’m afraid. We are cowards, one and all.

  3. I have a patient who, with his father, ran with the bulls – either last year or the year before (can’t remember). He survived to tell about it is all I can say. Personally, I’d much rather be making your orzo – it looks simple and satisfying!
    Girl, you need a break! I mean, a REAL break! How on earth you manage to completely re-do an old house and cook and post to your blog AND host a blogging event is beyond me!

  4. 1. That orzo dish looks stunningly beautiful.
    2. I couldn’t be more envious of you living in the tomato capital of France. (I’m imagining how many open-face tomato and dill sandwiches you could be having… with maybe a little goat’s cheese on the side.)
    3. No thank you to running with the bulls. Especially if it involves hills.
    4. Thanks for the reminder about Ruth’s PPN. We have had some really wonderful pasta dishes recently, thanks to a recent SAVEUR magazine issue #120.
    5. Did I remember to say how fabulous your orzo dish looks?

  5. Such wonderful friends. The kind of people so worth knowing and remembering. Thanks for writing about them.
    I can’t begin to imagine running with the bulls. I sure given half a change Gorn would jump in.
    Orzo, beautiful.
    Tomato capital might be really unhealthy for me, I’d be craving BLT’s all the time AND making them.

  6. Ruth, I’ll try to please…
    Penny, it scares me, too.
    Zoomie, I dream of napping in a lawn chair, with my book on my lap… Before I’m 90….
    Toni, most days I think it’s beyond me, too.
    Elizabeth, I’m a we bit behind on my mags – but I’m going to go dig that one out – bedtime reading!
    Tanna, I actually wish I could have gone with her once – although I know I couldn’t have kept up!