Vegetable Gardens, part 1: The Easy Plan; Radish, Fennel and Lettuce Garden Salad — 6 Comments

  1. Oh Katie, where were you when I had my big garden in New Mexico? I love your plan of putting spinach in between the tomato plants! We always had separate sections. And as far as having to hack through the garden full of weeds, that depends entirely on where you live. In the southwestern part of the U.S., the issue is keeping your plants alive (watered) while you leave, not hacking through an overgrowth.
    And any salad coming fresh from the garden is always the best, best, best!!!

  2. I’ve never had a garden like that, nor can I really dream of one like that as long as we live in the city with a 20 x 20 foot backyard. I did stick in an eggplant this year and it seems to have growth after one bloom – I can’t believe I’ll get it before some critter.
    Best I can do with fresh from my garden is lots of 6 kinds of basil.

  3. Dear Katie… you make that sound like it would be possible to grow something green (and edible) for me too! If there is one thing I don’t understand -besides math- is a garden. I’ll be reading!

  4. Brilliant tips, Katie! I only have room for herbs in my miniscule space that has virtually no sun. But I’m still adamant that almost everything I plant has to be edible.
    I love your method of keeping the weeds down by planting squash (which is virtually a weed, don’t you think?) in the rows.

  5. Toni, any garden design for less work. And the tomatoes shaded the spinach.
    Tanna, our front (and only) patch in Ireland was so small mon mar cut it with blade attached to a gold club – swing practice.
    Baking Soda, sure you can! And you can grow red and yellow and orange, too!
    Elizabeth, I’m surprised at how well my herbs are doing in my cow trough – very little sun.