Zen and the art of lawnmower maintenance; Black Quinoa — 10 Comments

  1. Mowing was my least favorite chore when I lived in western NY state. I’d do circles, figure eights, checkerboards, random patterns – anything to keep from deadly boredom – it drove First Husband crazy. He liked orderly rows.

  2. Gorgeous roses, especially the last two! (Or are they the same rose, different picture? See, I’m no use in gardening, I can appreciate though!)

  3. Pretty flowers!
    The dark colored quinoa is so much prettier and more interesting to look at than the plain tan stuff. I agree about the red, although I wonder what it would be like to throw all three together and make a sort of pilaf with it.

  4. Don’t know which I enjoy more: your roses, red quinoa or your stories.
    Roses are beauty.
    Stories here totally entertaining.
    Red quinoa wonderfully tasty whole grain healthy and goes with all veggie goodness.

  5. Those are some awesome Antique Garden Roses you have there! It would be really, really hard to say what they are without seeing the whole bush, the leaves in direct and indirect light, the flowers in bud and from underneath, and just knowing how they behave (bloom once a season? Repeat but at long intervals? Fall blooms instead of spring? Young leaves reddish edges or green? Bluish leaves?).
    The one in the middle and on the bottom could possibly be Louise Odier. I grow it, and it looks very similar. It’s from the mid-1850s. Not sure if it’s considered a Gallica, Centifolia or Bourbon. It is just finishing up with blooming.

  6. Just had a fabulous quinoa salad on Saturday….loads of tomatoes and feta cheese in it.
    I am in the middle of making rose petal jelly and lemon balm jelly….you can’t believe how wonderful the kitchen smells!!!

  7. I just made red quinoa for the first time too and what totally got me was how pretty it was! Much more interesting then rice.

  8. Zoomie, mon mari doesn’t watch… Figure 8’s – that’s next!
    Simona, and they have such wonderful fragrance!
    Baking Soda, I’m clueless about flowers… If I can’t eat it I don’t plant it.
    Emiglia, okay, mixed quinoa coming up!
    Tanna, now I’m going to have to have a quinoa party… I don’t need to keep buying the stuff!
    Tracy, as I said, I know nothing…. But these are all still blooming. The ones we had in the ‘rose garden’ in the Vendee, had no scent and bloomed once. I like these better!
    Cindy, lemon balm – I had so much in the Vendee I attacked it with hedge clippers…. None here – yet!
    Greg, ah, the romance of the language….Sigh….
    Katerina, I DO like pretty food!