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Caesar Salad; The Weekly Menu — 9 Comments

  1. Glad mon mari is home and hope this was the last visit to hospital. We eliminated the egg from Caesar salad many years ago and don’t miss it either. Looks great!

  2. He was probably bored in the hospital. Glad he is fine. Don’t you love the absence of paper in the health care system there?

  3. The salad looks inviting~without eggs ! wish I lived closer,can taste it now! Thrilled to hear hubby is doing much better~how lucky you all are!

  4. So glad to hear that votre mari is home at last. Too bad about his computer though. No doubt it was turned off and languishing for too long and that’s why it’s broken….
    That caesar salad looks great. We NEVER see Romaine lettuce that looks so beautiful. Did that come from your garden?
    Next time, try shaving the parmesan in largish curls rather than grating it – we use our potato peeler to get the curls. It’s delicious that way.
    (Must check farmers’ market for Romaine lettuce this week….)

  5. I hope he’s back for good this time! How is French hospital food compared to normal French food? It can’t be as bad as American hospital food!
    As far as his computer goes: believe it or not, mice can get into computers and chew things up/poop on things and break things even if they’re turned off. And if the last time it was on an executable virus (they should all be executed, shouldn’t they?) or other badware program was downloaded, it might not be activated until the next time the computer is turned on. Many programs are like that, both the good ones and the bad ones. Hope he gets it figured out! He should probably take the case off the computer first and check for mouse damage, and then run a virus/badware check.

  6. It’s wonderful that your husband is back home and back in form (fixing, welding, swatting…) and making a beautiful Caesar salad.

  7. Val, yeah, it’s about time… summer is slipping away!
    Susan, the egg really didn’t add that much, did it?
    Zoomie, I can’t believe all the critters! I’m glad he’s back too ;-))
    Simona, he was incredibly bored! No paper – amazing!
    Jann, next time you’re in the area….
    Elizabeth, yes, it was from my garden…. the bits the rabbits didn’t get. Our Parmesan was, um, beyond shaving…. but. next time…Great idea!
    Tracey, We’ve never experienced US hospital food so, no comparison… but this was starting to get very tired… The computer blows the house circuits – we took it to hospital…
    Christine, and no new visits planned for the immediate future – god willing no unplanned either