Gazpacho de Andaluz; the Sunflower Update — 8 Comments

  1. The sunflowers look lovely! While we are in the sun most days of the year, we don’t really grow that much sunflower here *sigh*

  2. Were you able to sell off the fields that came with your house, or are you leasing them to a farmer? This is very interesting, following the life of the sunflowers…

  3. Yum! Gazpacho! This is one of my favorite soups…mostly because it’s cold and it’s pretty much warm most of the year here so cold soup is always welcome 🙂
    Lovely sunflowers!

  4. I love this soup! This is, hands down, the best recipe I’ve come across. I’m sure I’ll have to wait for fall to make it as the fog curtain has dropped on our little corner of the world and all is wet and grey.

  5. My summer soup!
    I have now photoed a sunflower growing a couple of times and been totally fascinated with each one. They are marvelous. I’ve even got a short movie of a squirrel hanging upside down enjoying lunch on a sunflower head.