Grilled Chicken Aioli; The Updates….. — 13 Comments

  1. What a joyous time of year for you – to be surrounded by sunflowers, to have the kitchen on the fast track to being finished and to have lovely dogs enjoying each other. Sit back for a moment and savor!

  2. Nothing, nothing more wonderful than a field of sunflowers! One morning in Michigan I went for my walk and came upon a field like that. I ran home and tried so hard to get everybody to go back with me to see it.

  3. Those sunflowers! What a vista! I was going to say “Only in France,” until I read Tanna’s comment. ; )
    Thick marinade = brilliant idea.

  4. Another update with great photos and a recipe to boot.
    But I’m most taken with the dogs — in particular, the space they have outside. I think it’s good to be a dog at your place.
    Not that I want the job or anything.
    P.S. I don’t think a lot of people talking for a national health care system in the US know about “top-up” coverage. I wonder if Americans would have that, too?

  5. Such gorgeous sunflowers! They must make you so happy.
    The kitchen is looking really good, I love the Provencal look.
    And the chicken is indeed glossy and sticky and delicious looking. I’d eat it with my hands.

  6. What a treat your pictures are! Sunflowers, beautiful kitchen cabinets (The kitchen looks fantastic), faithful dogs and succulent chicken. I love your life! I love mine too.

  7. What a beautiful backdrop for your garden! I love it when the French fields turn all sunflower yellow, I didn’t know exactly when that was. I guess I could go back and look at the dates on all the pictures I’ve tried to take of them when driving through the French countryside.
    Did nobody else notice how you managed to have dishes displayed in your glass cabinet that so coordinated? Real class there, Madame!

  8. Zoomie, I’m having such fun with the sunflowers… and the cabinets. The fields were part of this house, but we didn’t want them and had no clue what would be done with them.
    Tanna, I hope you went back by yourself if no one else was willing.
    Susan, I sit and stare at them…. it’s really incredible
    TikiPundit, We didn’t know about it until we moved… It’s cheap and really makes a difference; although, now that mon mari has diabetes, he’s covered by the
    French system at 100%
    Emiglia, they make me smile ;-))
    Natashya, and garlic-y… all good!
    Simona, and all the bunnies have moved from my garden to the sunflowers
    Thanks, Marie!
    Penny, faithful, old dogs…. they love laying in the grass this summer.
    Azurienne, I’ve gotten very aware of the sunflowers – and the timing is all over the place!
    Sam, the marinade is my favorite – but I love garlic and soy….