Tomato, Avocado, Polenta…What?; Coveting Kindles

Some men want a Ferrari.

Some women want a closet full of Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Other men want a new set of Titanium golf clubs.

Other women want a Viking kitchen range or an Aga.

I want a Kindle.


I REALLY want a Kindle.

I’ve wanted one since I first saw them (okay, different) on Star Trek, The Next Generation.

I’ve wanted one since Amazon released their first version.

Now there is a new and improved Kindle and my little heart can hardly bear the strain of desire burning through it.

I covet a Kindle.

First, it’s just a totally cool electronic gadget that would raise the geek quotient of any owner.

I want that.

Second, I could have all of my books with me all of the time!

Well, some of them anyway….

I would never have to worry about running out of reading on a flight…. (not too big of a risk these days.)

Or, not being able to find the next book in a series in the barn… (much bigger risk these days.)

I would be the envy of all who saw me.

I could whip my Kindle out for a quick read at stoplights.

I could show off research to the doc’s in the hospital.

I would be so cool.

I covet a Kindle.

There are only two things holding me back from being the proud (and prideful) owner of a Kindle….

The price.

I do have other things I could spend 350 dollars on…. Many other things….   Food, being one….

My books.

I’m pretty sure that, if I spent the 350 to buy the Kindle mon mari would expect me to seriously curtail my keeping of old and purchasing of new actual books.

And, like Jean Luc Picard (of Star Trek fame), who was often seen reading an ‘antique’ hardcover book with actual paper pages, I could never give up the pleasure of paging through a real book.


I still covet a Kindle.

Mon mari wouldn’t have to know….. (bad girl!)


And I haven’t even seen one in real life….

Does anyone out there own a Kindle?  Are they wonderful?

Can anyone out there tell me what to call this dish?

Come on, folks, let’s have a Name that Dish contest.

I made this last week and it was easy, delicious, pretty, and very fancy-looking on the plate.

Haven’t a clue what to call it.  (Too busy coveting the Kindle to think of names).

Help me out – Name this Dish!

The prize?  A Kindle?  In your dreams…

How about my grateful appreciation…..

Tomato, Avocado, Polenta, ??? has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Tomato & Avocado Polenta Tart.

What should I call this (Now, don’t be rude….)?

Must go mow……

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10 thoughts on “Tomato, Avocado, Polenta…What?; Coveting Kindles”

  1. Katie..I too have that secret yearning. The closest I have come to a Kindle was in an airplane. I was behind and on the opposite side of the plane and watched a young business reading through almost the entire flight. The quickness of turning the pages…ahh, I thought. I could do that. Yes, I covet also. There is a competitor out there that is inferior from all reports. Only the Kindle should be considered. 🙂

  2. I covet the idea. Oh my goodness I’m feeling, thinking like my dad in the 50’s. “We’re not getting a tv until they get color.” His reasoning might have been different from mine … I believe he thought that would never happen or it would be a long time.
    I figure it’ll be next year.
    Name that dish: Dress up my base
    Love this as a jumping off place …

  3. Mediterranean style guacamoled caprese?
    Never seen a kindle myself, read about them on Amazon when somebody mentioned one. I love turning pages. Some things can’t be modernized.
    Feel better now? Think how many books you could buy for that same money. Rationalization. That’s the ticket.

  4. I’ve never seen a Kindle either, except on Amazon. Looked at the price tag and immediately clicked away from that page. The number of books I could buy…
    I love your polenta stack and would like to borrow the ‘caprese’ from Azurienne and call it a Polenta Avacado Cream Caprese Stack. Whatever you call it, it’s gorgeous!

  5. I read a couple of tech blogs, and while I initially wanted a Kindle, I no longer do. Apparently, you’re not actually buying books for it, but limited rights to the books. Depending on the popularity of the book, you might only have the right to read it once or twice! And just in the last day, Kindle owners woke up to find their Kindles wiped clean of the books of a certain publisher. Apparently the publisher decided that it didn’t want Amazon selling its products on the Kindle, and made the decision retroactive. Yes, they can do that!
    There are other, similar products either already on the market, or in the works. Given Amazon’s draconian and antiquated stance on whether you actually own the books you purchase, I’d consider one of them. I am. I SO want one of these things! But not at the price of only being allowed to read something a preset number of times, or at the risk of having my books yanked right off of it.
    Sorry. Don’t shoot the messenger. 🙂

  6. Who cares what it’s called? It looks really good!
    Kindle?? You mean that “kindle” is a noun as well as a verb? (looking in pocket Oxford dictionary on shelf beside the desk – yes an actual book – nope, it’s just a verb there… looking online) Aha, “kindle” IS a noun. But I’m guessing that you are not coveting a brood of rabbits or kittens, are you?
    Wait wait wait Lalalalalalala I’m not listening any more. I don’t want to know about this kindle thing. No no no no.
    In 1994, we said we’d NEVER get a computer and that we didn’t need one. We also stated categorically that nobody needed to have a household computer. All that changed for us in 1995 and now we don’t know what we did before. We now have not one but TWO computers….

  7. Oh, the name for the dish:
    How about Polenta with Avocado-Chevre Sauce and Bruschetta? Everything you’ve got on top could be part of a traditional bruschetta, so no need to describe it further.

  8. Susan, I’ve never even seen one – probably just as well, sigh….
    Tanna, I remember someone not wanting a fax machine……
    Azurienne, I know, lots of books…. but I really do love toys!
    Christine, I think we have a winner – regardless of how you spell it ;-))
    Tracey, they can do that! Mess with my Kindle!!??!!?? No way!
    So, um, Elizabeth, when I get my Kindle (in 2020, used) I shouldn’t tell you? Or is that enough time?
    Tracey, do you know I have never made bruschetta?

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