Tomato Consommé; Spy outed on Facebook; the update — 10 Comments

  1. >>Mon mari says if you walk on the edges it’s perfectly fine….<< Oh, how like a man. Started but not finished projects. How familiar that sounds. Enjoy the sunflowers. And right there in your face to observe. How lovely!

  2. Because of the timing of our visits to France, I am either to early or too late to see sunflowers in full bloom. But I saw man fields of wilting or browning sunflowers last fall and that was OK. At least I saw them.
    Your photos are lovely.

  3. That should be “many” fields not “man” fields. My Y likes to be sticky.

  4. I love sunflowers and I love them in fields. Thanks for the photos: they warmed my heart. I have tried planting some, but no luck. 35C? That’s a scorcher! Would you like some of our cooling fog?

  5. Good heavens that is hot. Southern Ontario is enjoying lovely spring-like temps this week. Thank goodness.
    What a glorious field of sunflowers! Mother Nature at her loveliest.

  6. The consommé looks and sounds delicious! I’m going to try bottling fresh tomato juice this year and I’ll set some aside for this soup!

  7. Add sunflower envy to tomato envy. Beautiful field!!
    And I am stunbound (that’s a word, isn’t it? if not, it should be) at the facebook habits of MI6 chief’s wife. Perhaps Britain’s secret service has nothing to do with intelligence.

  8. Well you have a bit of everything in your blog…from cookery to house restoration and planning for winter…interesting I must say.