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Turkey and Green Bean Pasta Salad; Be kind to your Behind — 5 Comments

  1. Katie,
    Tho your recipes are usually fabulous, I think I come here first and foremost for the commentary preceding any recipe! This one was laugh out loud funny! I guess mainly because I am only 5ft tall, and have, um…big boobs!

  2. Easily amused … I’ve always thought people who are easily amused are the happiest and brightest people.
    Do I come here for the food or the humor? That’s really a difficult one. You’re so good at both but Cindy raises the issue.

  3. My current favorite ad is of Toyota IQ. Its nothing special , but the song from the ad is kind of addictive.
    Free Design – Love You .
    You should listen it 😉

  4. “Brit’s sweat; Yanks go stale.” I burst out laughing with that one! I have to agree with FarmgirlCyn – I love your recipes, but it’s the comments that precede them that keep me coming back.